As the world goes more and more global the advancement of technology in various financial fields deepens, traditional methods of acquiring assets get taken care of using technology. Due to this advancement there is little to no need of visiting a physical store to acquire shares and stocks.

This is the vision of ECHAINBANK to be one of the best fintech platforms to work with. They aim to revolutionize the way we buy and sell shares using the blockchain ecosystem.

Currently one of the barriers for entry in the stock and shares trade world is the understanding of the underlying concept that governs the system. The use of technical jargon by experts provides little to no direction for newbie and would-be investors and on the part of the companies selling shares, slow adoption and exposure as shares lack the exposure found in the blockchain environment.

The average growth rate for traditional companies aiming to IPO and probably sell shares using the traditional method may take decades if not centuries whereas for the average blockchain company with a unique concept it takes less time of 5-6yrs. This is why companies and the whole industry are making a shift today to the blockchain platform.

ECB aims at providing this service in a revolutionized approach using the Ethereum blockchain. Outside the opportunity of share and stock trades available to shareholders they are aiming to be a payment solution for the gaming industry and others.

According to Technavio the gaming industry is expected to have a growth rate of above $90bn in the year 2019-2023 and the market growth is expected to accelerate during this forecasted period because of the steady increase in year-over-year growth. For example the overall sentiment for the planned release of the new series for Playstation is wild and in an all time frenzy making the top trend activity on Twitter since the announcement of the proposed release.

The introduction of the blockchain into the gaming sector has seen huge interest as peer to peer transactions between players for buy-in assets have become possible and easy to do. Furthermore the gaming sector is expected to accelerate even more as blockchain concept gets introduced in recent times.

ECHAINBANK involvement as one of the players enabling blockchain involvement is a good potential to lookout for from the London based business.

Among the host of other activities, they are going to host Binary Options trade on the platform providing the best market possible for traders. Up until now we’ve seen very few Binary option solutions utilizing the blockchain in fact the majority of the Binary option market out there utilizes the traditional setup. ECB will be one out of pioneers out there aiming to introduce Binary option trade into the blockchain.

With fast transactions and low fees typical of the blockchain, traders are not expected to experience delays in their transaction nor will restrictions and conditions for withdrawal for example be expected to be outrageous like we have in the traditional market system.

Not to mix up the fact that some traditional market systems have adopted the blockchain for payment processing only for example which allows for payment in BTC. The clear distinction with ECHAINBANK is that the Binary option trade system transcends just the payment system in the blockchain. It’s built from ground up on the ecosystem giving it the security from attacks, the transparency and the easy of doing business.

For emerging blockchain solution companies like ECB one thing to look out for is the experience of the management personnel. They sure chart the future of the company, management with clear vision will most certainly foresee the growth of the company. The team leader Bygravens CEO of ECHAINBANK has 30yrs of experience in the technology field at large corporations. Little wonders why the business have already been registered and recognized by the British and Wales government setting a strong tone of regulation for the business and government support.

A strong fundamental to lookout for is the fact that the operation of the company is completely legal in line with the law of the host country eliminating the possibility of altercation or interruption by the government in the nearest future.

Furthermore they aim to be the best investment tech company anyone would work with reaching international customers and businesses in record time. A huge feat for small businesses.

ECHAINBANK’s ambitious aim is to be your plug for all things investment and they are looking forward to doing it the right way, with the right technology and the right product.

Peep below the Roundmap

Providing services from Binary to Travels. ECB is set on the course to dominate the market as well as the entire industry.


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