Levolution has reached another milestone in the development of the project and will be listed on the trading platform P2PB2B.io on Monday, 06.24.2019.

The Levolution team is currently working hand in hand with the P2PB2B team to prepare all technical aspects as well as the marketing strategy to ensure a successful listing.

P2PB2B is an EU-based crypto exchange and is officially licensed in the European Union. According to Coinmarketcap, P2PB2B is among the top 20 Crypto-exchanges with a daily volume of approximately USD 700 M and has over 100,000 active traders.

The LEVL token will be listed against three traiding pairs, LEVL / BTC, LEVL / ETH and LEVL / USD. Thus, Levolution is expecting to increase the attractiveness for traders significantly. The exchange offers an extremely high level of security, where more than 95% of all currencies are stored on cold wallets. Moreover, the high performance of the exchange supports processing speeds of up to 10,000 trades per second.

After the listing, Levolution also expects to be included on CoinMarketCap. With an estimated 80 million visitors a month, CoinMarketCap.com is among the most respected cryptocurrency websites. The listing on CoinMarketCap.com is considered as an additional proof of the reputability of the project. Levolution hopes this will be another huge boost for the project. As the year progresses, the LEVL token will be listed on other exchanges and with the launch of the final platform, a listing on one of the top 5 exchanges is planned, which should bring the token price as well as the demand to a level that reflects the actual value and development of the project.

About Levolution

Levolution marries the latest blockchain technology with a groundbreaking ITO platform to aid blockchain startup companies in breaking through these barriers. Relying on social incubation and the team’s core internal competencies, the Levolution platform aims to help companies attack these barriers by sourcing innovative strategies from community members and ITO participants.


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