The last few years witnessed a tremendous rise in the NFT domain and its integration with other components in the space. NFTs have a lot to offer, and experts believe the true potential remains largely unexplored, and it would take years for it to happen. Every project or collection launched aims to transform the ecosystem, but only a few have managed to get things right so far. And after learning from these experiences, identifying the market trends, understanding the user behavior, and discovering the intricacies of the space, Elevated X came up with its NFT collection, the Savage Dogs.

The collection comprises 10,000 unique NFTs, categorized into five rarity levels, Alpha X, Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Omega. The rarity level decides the benefits associated with the NFT and the level of access to the ecosystem. The collection is at par with some of the best ones in the space, stands to offer better opportunities, and delivers higher returns. 

The Savage Dog NFTs are the only ones offering direct utilities to holders, unlike other collections, where users hold the digital piece of art and can only benefit from the rise in value. Holders can stake their NFTs for up to 24 months and earn exciting rewards, including the ecosystem’s native cryptocurrency, the Elevated X coin. 

Elevated X is also developing an educational program exclusively for those holding the Savage Dog NFTs, and it’s meant for users to get acquainted with the NFT and blockchain space. A proper understanding of the technicalities will allow NFT holders to flourish in this digital era, where blockchain and cryptocurrency are expected to play a critical role in every industry in the coming decades. 

Elevated X will host regular seminars, social events, and an annual conference where the project’s progress will be discussed, the plans assessed, and the changes to be introduced shared with the community. Also, the team will introduce influential authors, people of intellect, and renowned personalities in the space. Since Elevated X works on the concept of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), community building and interaction among the members are a must for the project to succeed and thrive.

And as is the case with DAO, Elevated X will allow collectors who have staked their holdings in the DAO pool to vote on critical proposals and participate in the ecosystem’s governance.

Elevated X plans to develop an exchange where users can directly convert their coins for fiat currency. And initially, the coins will be airdropped only to the NFT holders. It will soon launch a Visa card allowing users to make real-world purchases with the Elevated X coins. And there’s much more, all interconnected perfectly to deliver the best ecosystem experience to NFT and coin holders.

Since the Elevated X coins, developed on their own blockchain, are to be airdropped, the easiest way to acquire them is to mint as many Savage Dogs NFTs as possible. And it’s the perfect opportunity to benefit both from the rise in the value of the held NFTs and the coin. Given the determination and dedication of the team behind Elevated X, the advanced idea, the direct utilities, and the ability to seamlessly exchange the coins for fiat, the ecosystem sure seems to be headed toward success.

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