Crypto has, of late, become a household name for most, but there are still several barriers to the mass adoption of the concept. A large part of the population is either unaware of the intricacies or doesn’t have the resources to access the space. With crypto and related domains in the blockchain space witnessing a tremendous rise, both in terms of user base and revenue, it’s imperative to build an inclusive ecosystem accessible to all. And this is precisely what Triple X intends to do.

Triple X isn’t just a platform or project but an ecosystem comprising several sub-project, each offering a unique and seamless solution and an additional reward source to the community. The ecosystem will be decentralized in the true sense, meaning no central authority will govern it. Some of the sub-projects slated to be released by Triple X are:

  • NFT Marketplace
  • Game
  • Digital Exchange Wallet
  • Mobile App
  • Financial Services Marketplace
  • Payment Gateway
  • Credit Builder
  • Visa Card

The best part about the Visa Card is that it allows users to spend their crypto holdings while earning rewards on transactions.

Why is there a need for Triple X?

Security, with regard to transactions on the blockchain, is one of the biggest concerns amongst the community. Crypto theft and other cyber frauds are on the rise, which is driving users away. To counter that, Triple X has developed one of the most secure platforms ever, and every transaction on it is recorded on the blockchain, which can in no case be tampered with. Also, Triple X has no intermediary involvement, thus leading to low transaction fees and ensuring quick transaction processing time.

Besides, Triple X is open to the global community allowing seamless transfers between users in different countries at a considerably reduced fee. And most important of all, it offers an ecosystem with exciting rewards and profitable investment opportunities to deliver returns both in the short and long term.

The total supply of the Triple X (Symbol: XXX) token, developed on the Binance Network, is capped at 1 trillion, of which 80% would be reserved to provide liquidity. The remaining will be optimally distributed for other requirements, in addition to developing NFT Marketplace and the blockchain game. 

Triple X plans to hold the presale for its native token in three phases, starting from November 14, 2022. During the first presale phase, investors can acquire 1000000 Triple X tokens for 1 BNB. In the second, it will be 500000 Triple X tokens for 1 BNB, and during the third phase, the exchange rate between the two will further fall to 250000 Triple X tokens for 1 BNB. That’s a considerable rise in the value after the three phases, and investors can make decent returns by participating in the first phase itself. Also, the token is expected to perform exceptionally well, given the vast ecosystem backing it, after it starts trading on exchanges.

To find out more about Triple X, visit the official website:

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