– Charzin(EVZ) and Fiscal Systems have signed an agreement to supply electric vehicle(EV) charging platforms

– With the agreement, slow chargers for electric logistics trucks and 700 units of fast chargers will be made available in the U.S

The EV charging platform company Charzin has teamed up with a U.S. logistics platform company to supply EV charging infrastructure across the U.S.

At the NACS Show(a filling station equipment show), which was held on October 4 in Las Vegas, the U.S., Charzin and the U.S. Logistics platform company Fiscal Systems signed an agreement to supply EV platforms.

Fiscal Systems plans to build over 700 units of fast charging stations and slow charging stations for 1500 short-distance transport trucks in the U.S., to which Charzin will provide charging platforms.

Fiscal System is a company that provides logistics businesses with exclusive refueling systems and payment platforms, based on partnerships with over 560 branches in 49 U.S. States, Canada, and Australia. Its parent company, Capstone Logistics, specializes in logistics management and recorded a revenue of KRW 2.5 trillion last year.

With the agreement, Charzin(EVZ), which in last April secured a partnership agreement with BTC Power, the only fast charger manufacturer in the U.S., will gain a stronger foothold to enter the U.S. charger market.

Following the government’s new subsidy policy, logistics trucks in the U.S. are now going electric, and the demand for electric truck chargers is expected to grow significantly.

As the government subsidies are also provided for installing chargers, entering the charger business is becoming a trend among logistics companies, filling stations, and shopping centers.

“Charzin signed the platform supply agreement because, in the U.S., most companies that have experience in running charger operation & management platforms have been acquired by large corporations, which means there are no companies that can create charging platforms for logistics businesses, shopping centers, and more,” said Charzin CEO Youngseok Choi. “With know-how and techniques we gained through various projects in Korea, we plan to make more platforms available in the U.S market,” he added.

Founded in 2016, Charzin is the world’s only EV charging platform company with technology to control fee-charging power outlets(temporary permission No.1), slow chargers, and fast chargers collectively.

Relevant photograph:

Photograph description: Youngseok Choi, Charzin CEO, and James Spahn, Executive Vice President at Fiscal Systems, are signing the EV platform supply agreement in a booth at the NACS Show(a filling station equipment show) on October 4 in Las Vegas, the United States. Provider: Charzin