NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens is one of the rising domains in the blockchain space and is expected to become the largest in the coming days. The costliest NFT sold to date stands at close to $91.8 million, a clear testament to the sway NFTs hold amongst investors. Of late, NFTs are being integrated into other domains, be it Play-to-Earn games or Metaverse, and offer real-world utilities. It has led to increased investments into the space and more projects and collections being released. One of these that cater to the interests of investors while offering long-term benefits is 88 NFT 88.

The collection comprises a total of 1088 exclusive NFTs, of which 170 were sold on the very first day of the 30-day period when minting is open. The starting floor price was 0.1 ETH initially, while it has now increased to 0.15 ETH, a fairly reasonable price for a collection being minted faster than most and expected to be completely sold out in a short while. The total volume for the 88 NFT 88 collection currently stands at 32 ETH. Anyone with a decent understanding of NFT and what drives the value will realize how big of an asset the 88 NFT 88 collection will turn out to be.

About the 88 NFT 88 collection

The 88 NFT 88 collection isn’t simply a bunch of NFTs created by an artist, as is usually the case. It is a curated and exclusive collection that empowers aspiring entrepreneurs and provides them access to influential networks through the cohesive Discord community.

The experts aid the community in understanding e-commerce skills, building practical trading, and other intricacies that most traders and investors are unaware of. It will lead to an enhanced understanding of the space, aid investors in making the right decisions, and earn higher returns in both the short and long run.

Besides, every NFT in the 88 NFT 88 collection is a sports-inspired artwork and provides access to game-breaking utility. And these are indeed a work of art! In addition to offering ample benefits, the NFT collection presents a lot of potential for trading. Once the collection is sold out, experts predict that the value will shoot through the roof, and it will be the holders that make the maximum profit.

The crypto market is recovering from one of the worst crashes in its history, the prices are still low, and there couldn’t be a better time to invest in NFTs. The only aspect investors have to ascertain beforehand is whether the NFT offers utilities, which 88 NFT 88 does. So, without any delay, go ahead and mint your favorite NFT from the collection while the value is low.

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