Since its launch in mid-October 2021, Martial Arts NFT Game X10 Legends managed to exceed all expectations and is moving up its release date of the updated GameFi version to before New Year’s Day 2022, aiming to give its players the best gaming experience possible.

In addition, the world’s major renowned Blockchain Gaming guilds are very optimistic and bullish about the X10 Legends game, with many of them seeking to collaborate with X10 Legends.

Philippine Gaming Association TopOne

X10 Legends founder Tom Leung said, “This significant update will push the GameFi industry to the next level. X10 Legends’ development is important to the global community and guilds as it creates huge commercial value. We are very confident and always ready to share these opportunities with our loyal supporters and fans of X10 Legends.”

OnlyWinners Guild Leader – Mark Teo

OnlyWinners Guild leader Mark Teo said, “We have been creating good gains for our clan using blockchain games, but the blockchain games on the market are named after Metaverse, and the actual application is only emitting tokens with no real utility.”

Through the AMA session organized by Binance Smart Chain News and X10 Legends in November this year, I learned about the blockchain game X10 Legends. I think what current blockchain games must do is to ensure it has real gaming mechanisms similarly to X10 Legends, not simply endlessly generating tokens via DeFi mechanisms.”


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