Investing in something up-and-coming is the most popular way to get passive earnings. But it is important to know where to invest and how to allocate your funds. David Harding, CEO of crypto trading company Bitsmax, believes it is possible to passively earn +1825% per year. And his prove, provided in this article, is quite solid to believe.

Firstly, David Harding is highly optimistic about cryptos and their role in modern society. Admitting their complexity, especially for newbies, he points out that there are no people who haven’t heard of cryptos, at least Bitcoin. The question is that not all understand how cryptos are functioning. This results in people unwilling to invest in them. And in this regard, he mentions Bitsmax, a system that provides to invest in private areas, cryptocurrency, and ICO and passively earn +1825 per year.

Bitsmax is a reliable platform that allows its clients to invest their money into сryptocurrency at a definite percentage and get their income back. Even those who do not understand cryptos at all can simply make a deposit and passively receive up to 5% per day, or earn +1825% per year.

David Harding said:

“Our platform solves the problem of cryptocurrency complexity. Everything is very simple, our client makes a deposit for a year, and receives from 2 to 5% per day passively and stably every day throughout the year.”

The average income is 5%, but the larger the deposit, the greater the interest.

According to Harding, the minimum entry threshold is $10. Besides, you can become a partner at Bitsmax. Attracting new investors through the affiliate program, you can also make money and get % of their deposits. Sounds lucrative, doesn’t it?

About Bitsmax

Bitsmax is a UK-based company that positions itself as a safe and trustworthy taker of its clients’ earnings. Bitsmax platform helps those with a lack of knowledge in this sphere to participate in this activity and to receive the benefit. Moreover, Bitsmax promises the full confidentiality of clients’ data. It offers 24/7 help and support, as well as allows to have a diversified portfolio. It also guarantees the absolute legality of its actions.

As for the Bitsmax team, it includes British billionaire David Harding (serves as Bitsmax CEO), a prominent lead broker Anthony Castiglia, and Jamie Reuben, Bitsmax General Portfolio and Asset Manager.

The team is currently not large. However, Bitsmax is planning to expand as soon as February 2020. In some weeks, the company will open representative offices in 4 countries. 7 more offices will be established during the next year.

If you still can not decide on your first investment, try Bitsmax to see how it works. Start with a small amount and enjoy your earnings!


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