San Jose, Costa Rica – Wizary Global, a leader in blockchain innovation for digital entertainment, proudly announces the initiation of the ICO Token Presale for its transformative platform, Set to become the most comprehensive eSports competition site in the world, integrates cutting-edge blockchain technology to ensure a transparent, secure, and highly efficient competitive environment. This revolutionary platform will enable players to engage in diverse gaming battles and participate in expansive tournaments with up to 1260 contestants, competing for substantial cryptocurrency rewards.

The integration of blockchain not only facilitates rapid and secure transactions but also ensures that all player activities and tournament outcomes are recorded on an immutable digital ledger, providing unmatched transparency and trust in online competitions.

Investment Opportunity and Tokenomics

Starting today, potential investors and early adopters have the unique opportunity to participate in the ICO Token Presale of Tokens are available for purchase using BNB or USDT on the BEP-20 network, offering a seamless and flexible investment route. By investing early, participants can secure their tokens at a lower price, gaining early access to a platform set to revolutionize the eSports industry.

The funds raised from the ICO will be utilized to enhance the technological framework of, expand its game offerings, and increase its marketing efforts to attract a global audience. The platform’s native tokens will not only serve as a medium of exchange within the ecosystem but also provide holders with various benefits, including transaction fee discounts, exclusive access to special tournaments, and voting rights on future developments.

Why Invest in

Investing in during the ICO presale offers multiple benefits:

Early Advantage: Gain early access to a pioneering platform at an advantageous price.

High Potential Returns: Participate in the growth of eSports and blockchain integration, sectors poised for significant expansion.

Transparency and Security: Benefit from blockchain technology that ensures fair play and secure transactions.

Diverse Utility: Use tokens across a variety of gaming and betting activities within the platform.

For detailed information about the ICO, token distribution, and how you can invest, please visit Be part of the eSports revolution—bigger, better, and underpinned by the security and transparency of blockchain technology.

About Wizary Global

Wizary Global is at the forefront of integrating blockchain technology into digital entertainment, reshaping how online games are played, managed, and enjoyed. With a steadfast commitment to security, transparency, and user experience, Wizary Global is setting new standards in the industry.