Amitos, the publishing foundation of IMMOPET token(IMPT), and P&P Entertainment of Australia (P&P) announced that P&P used IMMOPET token to create a blockchain economic structure for the Bulldog racing game BET DOG, which is scheduled to be serviced, and signed an MOU on the 24th.

Amitos is a company that is promoting the development of solutions using blockchain in various areas such as games, digital IDs, licenses, certificates, and arts. To this end, the existing blockchain cryptocurrency’s ecosystem approach will be innovatively improved by using the IMMOPET token.

“This agreement with Australia P&P is an opportunity to show the infinite possibilities of IMPT,” a spokesperson for Amitos said. “We are currently receiving love calls from various game companies that want to introduce a blockchain ecosystem in the game, so we expect to cooperate with additional game developers.”

BET DOG, a Bulldog racing game to which IMPT will be applied, is a racing game that introduces NFT and blockchain, and will provide various designed Bulldog NFTs while showing dynamic racing scenes.

“We will develop continuous blockchain games to introduce IMPT and establish our position as a development partner that plays a leading role in the IMPT ecosystem,” P&P CEO said, explaining that the introduction of BET DOG’s immopet token is a very early stage cooperation. He also said, “We will make efforts to provide differentiated content and a different blockchain experience to consumers through this agreement with Amitos.”

Currently, IMMOPET Token is listed on the global exchange, and information can also be found on CoinMarketCap.

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