On February 15, 2022, U:NIUM (UNIUM), influencer NFT contents producer and decentralized non-fungible token (NFT) Marketplace, announced its 8th NFT collection and collaborative launch with Korean military YouTuber, captain Ken Rhee(Channel name: ROKSEAL), through the Twitter.

UNIUM has been collaborating with famous YouTubers to create influencer NFT products and each NFT comes with the benefit that buyers can enjoy with the influencers in person. 

NFTs are unique digital art and collectibles that can be owned, sold, and traded using blockchain technology and UNIUM offers the marketplace and opportunity for users to purchase unique NFT products. 

As an 8th NFT project, UNIUM is collaborating with captain Ken Rhee to increase NFT awareness to the public by introducing the NFT project to the subscribers of his Youtube channel ‘ROKSEAL’.

Ken Rhee is a former soldier and broadcaster of the Republic of Korea.

He served as a naval officer in the Republic of Korea Naval Special Warfare Group (UDT/SEAL) and was discharged as a captain.

During his active duty, he completed various special forces training courses of the ROK and US military with excellent grades, and he is a soldier with various practical experiences through participation in many overseas deployments and military operations.

Ken Rhee got famous after appearing in the popular YouTube content called ‘Pseudo brothers’. After getting fame, he opened the YouTube channel called ‘ROKSEAL’ which has reached about 760,000 subscribers.

Ken Rhee’s NFT collection consists of four different products. Two Limited, Premium, and Common. 

The Limited version is in the form of an auction. 

The winner of the first Limited NFT will have dinner with captain Ken Rhee and a special souvenir (ROKSEAL pendant). The second Limited NFT is to commemorate the 76th anniversary of liberation and Dokdo Day to commemorate the fighters who sacrificed for the Republic of Korea. The winner will get a chance to keep the swimming suit worn by Captain Ken Rhee in the Dokdo Relay Swimming Project. 

The Premium version is the NFT that is in the form of a card. There are five limited numbers of NFT cards and people who own the card will get to participate in a glamping and counseling session with captain Ken Rhee (Dinner only).

The Common version is also in the form of a card and people who own the card will enjoy a survival shooting game with captain Ken Rhee.

Starting with the first influencer collaborating with NFT in October 2021, UNIUM has been showing unique NFT products collaborating with famous YouTubers providing memorable benefits to winners and buyers. 

This 8th NFT project with Ken Rhee also provides benefits that represent the YouTuber’s characteristics through NFT products.

Seeing UNIUM presents unique NFT products and the demand for the product is constantly increasing, it is expected that the project has the potential to grow in the future. 


UNIUM utilizes blockchain technology to give digital assets a separate and unique recognition value, unlike existing virtual assets, and utilizes NFT, which is characterized by non-interchangeability based on influencers and artists. UNIUM provides an ecosystem where influencers and their fans can exchange and communicate by providing an NFT platform that can trade with various content.


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