The meteoric rise of NFTs in recent years has made it apparently clear to the world that these will decide and define the future of the blockchain space. The costliest NFT to date was sold for a whopping $91.8 million, and it didn’t come as a surprise for many. Experts have long predicted that NFTs are the future, and it’s always the right time to invest in them. And if their uniqueness is guaranteed, a defining quality for NFTs, the prices will soar even higher. While there are several collections available, the ones created by Edwar Chyrek are a sight to behold.

Edward started creating 3D graphics in 1993 and has a vast experience and knowledge of the domain. All his artworks have a hidden meaning and exhibit symbolism, sometimes not immediately apparent to the viewer. But for those who reasonably understand the idea of symbolism and surrealism, the creations are a piece of art. Chyrek’s art is very similar to that of Salvador Dali, a renowned and accomplished Spanish artist, and both use the style of surrealism to express and depict their thoughts.

Using the NFT collection, Edward wants to highlight the societal problems, land ownership, and possessiveness with regard to it. Also, the artist is keen on highlighting how technology controls the various aspects of our life and the digitalization of the five human senses, which should rather be analog and infinite. Every NFT highlights one or the other of these causes that affect society as a whole. 

A glance at the NFT collection, and you are bound to fall in love with these! The detailing, use of colors and graphics, and the ideas expressed in each of the NFTs make it stand miles apart from other collections. One of the NFTs highlights the concerns regarding the food we consume and how it is basically poison and nothing more. Another one is a satirical take on the environmental crisis faced by the world and its effects on all living beings. 

And the best part, every NFT is unique. The artist has pledged not to develop similar artwork in the future, ensuring the rarity of each piece. Anyone fairly acquainted with the NFT space realizes how uniqueness affects the value of NFTs. The rarer the NFT, the better it performs in the market! And if there’s just one of a kind, you can very well picture the price chart.

If you were planning to collect or invest in NFTs, the timing couldn’t be any better. The market is recovering from a crash, so the prices are relatively low. But with the recovery phase going strong, the value is expected to shoot through the roof in the coming days. All the NFTs are available for a limited period sale ending in the first week of October. Go ahead and acquire the most meaningful and symbolic collection ever created!

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