It was only a matter of time before a company was going to develop an approach for mass adoption of its coin in the USA and worldwide.

Enter Ovato (Symbol: OVO), based in Singapore Ovato is currently trading in the $6.5 USDT range and is taking the unique approach of providing a centralized business process in our new decentralized environment.

Ovato is the next generation of utility coins, it is developed especially for quick transactions, be it Shopping, Business or Peer-to-Peer transactions.

Built for the mass adoption between consumers and merchants Ovato has taken the unique approach of developing a decentralized coin that settles in seconds, while at the same time forging strategic partnerships with traditional centralized operating companies that are uniquely positioned and incentivized to aid the mass adoption of our coin. Furthermore, due to a limited supply, users are incentivized and accumulate for price appreciation.

Ovato believes On the usage front, Ovato’s mandate is to continue forging strategic partnerships to properly incentivize our users. Our organization is actively employing a multi-pronged, unique set of distribution partnerships. These partnerships are aimed at creating mass utilization and adoption for the Ovato coin, through a full-circle ecosystem.

Forging strategic partnerships would not only increase the adoption of Ovato coin but will also be healthy for the future price action of the coin itself. The more people get into the Ovato eco-system, the more price will appreciate in the future.

Watch for Ovato to trade much higher in 2021. We won’t be surprised to see OVO trade in the $30 to $40 range in the next 12 months.

Incredibly low transaction fees, easy to use, rewarding structure, wide adoption, all of this makes Ovato a great investment option as well as to be used for the daily personal use

Ovato is an extremely efficient method of exchanging value in peer to peer transactions. Ovato is taking the unique business approach of specifically forging strategic partnerships for the mass adoption of its coin.

Ovato is specifically designed and programmed of to be the default digital currency for shopping for both merchants and shoppers. The protocol is designed to be extremely fast making it ideal for peer to peer and small transactions.

The Ovato protocol is designed to have a fixed number of coins at just 34.4 million; making ideal for early adopters and participants. Similar to Bitcoin, Ovato is built directly on the blockchain using its own protocol allowing excellent incentive for early adopters and users. We believe the Ovato model provides the perfect gauge with the appropriate throttle that is required in migration of from centralization to decentralization for its economy. In this regard, Ovato is creating the perfect currency for mass adoption.

Here’s where things start to get very interesting, Ovato is building a full circle economy for the utility of its coin and we provide mechanisms through our strategic partners to provide incentive to both shoppers and merchants to adopt and use it. First on the supply side users are rewarded Ovato under every day shopping. And then we help merchants save money while increasing the revenue by adopting new customers and lowering customer acquisition cost.

“The more the coin is used the higher the price will rise. Making it a great incentive for early participants.”

Firstly users join Owards. A free platform that allows users to earn Ovato through a suite of activities from shopping, referring members and social influencing activities. Not only do users earn Ovato but they also get exclusive daily deals as incentives available only through Users can then save, spend or trade their Ovato whenever they like.

On the merchant side Bitovation helps merchants fully integrate and accept Ovato into their regular business and POS systems while reducing merchants costs by as much as 85%. Additionally, Bitovation helps small local business in expand their business and market in the new world economy by offering access to the already $1.2 Trillion economy.

Owards offers discounts, coupon codes, and rebates in Ovato from over 2,000 nation-wide brands you already know and trust. Users can register for free and immediately receive money-saving coupon codes, and anytime a user shops online, they get rewarded back in Ovato. Users can also earn additional Ovato through their social media activity, feedback, and surveys.

On The Demand Side. Our partners at Bitovation (, offer a “boots on the ground” approach for all on-boarding merchants that start to join within the Ovato ecosystem. Giving them all access to tools to enhance their user-friendly experience and gain a marketing edge. These include short codes, digital coupons and SMS integration. Additionally, Bitovation aids merchants to integrate Ovato into their POS system which then allows them to offer their customers rebates, rewards, and special deals when using Ovato.

Ovato is a real bull market gem & we are expecting OVO to surge higher in 2021 with a price rally as high as $30-$40 within the next 9-10 months.

How Ovato takes businesses to a whole other level:

  • Merchants can save and reduce their transaction costs by as much as 85%.
  • They can use loyalty the way it was truly intended and offer their users real value.
  • Remove the debt from the balance sheet immediately and expense from sales.
  • Make additional revenue by signing their customers into the program.
  • Utilize our built-in marketing programs to their customer base.
  • Offer daily deals, in real time, seamlessly, while scaling their business.
  • Merchants will be able to market special offers through the Bitovation universe.

You can become a protected territory agent and start opening merchant’s today in your local neighborhood. This is an excellent business opportunity.

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