The investment world has been on a roll since 2017 when bitcoin rose twenty-fold in value, Ethereum saw a massive surge of more than 11,200 percent, and the new kid on the block Ripple” witnessed a whopping gain of 10,000 percent.

Cryptocurrency is an industry that is deemed to grow rapidly, just like the internet did for several decades to come.  With the advent of blockchain technology, the whole business of cryptocurrency was established as a decentralized system of money management instead of centralized digital currencies and central banks.

Cryptocurrency wallets

For trading cryptocurrencies, many investors feel that they need to make other investments to protect their assets.  Using Cryptocurrency wallets are the best way to store your keys in place. Crypto wallets allow you to perform many other transactions while you can keep an eye on your balance.

PayAccept decentralized crypto asset wallet

Headquartered in the Netherlands, PayAccept is a new platform that aims to provide an all-in-one non-custodial storage wallet that has support for all the top-rated cryptocurrencies. All the significant coins like bitcoin, Ethereum, ripple, etc. are present in the PayAccept portfolio. The many services available to PayAccept clients are:

  • Cryptocurrency and flat payment processing
  • Financing
  • Loans
  • Card issuances
  • Risk management services

All of this will be provided with high-quality security and cold-storage through its sleek interface. Users can trade between different crypto assets on several blockchains via a single integrated interface.

Technical Features of the PayAccept Crypto Wallet

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency go hand in hand. Blockchain paved the way for cryptocurrency with its capacity to speed up traditional practices in business like, verifying transactions and information. But it is still prone to slow adoption due to lack of interoperability and user-friendly application, slow network speeds. PayAccept has Partnered up with many cutting-edge technologies to achieve faster digital currency transactions to deal with these problems:

  • It is integrating DigiByte, which is one of the fastest and safest decentralized UTXO blockchain available till date. With five cryptographic algorithms and early SegWit implementation, DigiByte boasts a 40 times faster speed than Bitcoin.
  • Ferrum network’s vertically integrated line of decentralized financial applications will let users invest, exchange, transact, ear, and store with its user-friendly DeFi products. PayAccept will be listed on the UniFyre wallet, the first non-custodial wallet with Link drop technology, and a decentralized private key recovery system.
  • PayAccept will provide a beautiful user-interface with both mobile and web versions to enable access to your digital assets anywhere in the world.
  • PayAccept will be the first wallet to use the Raiden network. With this network, it can execute instant CEX-like transactions. It would run as a DEX and swap assets between users.
  • With PayAccept you don’t need to worry about how to deposit cryptocurrencies to your bank account; it’s already linked in the platform.
  • A cold-storage is a must for a crypto wallet to store your currencies offline, and PayAccept has that covered.

PayAccepts Vision

With more and more banks stepping over to blockchain technology and digital finances, one needs a way to manage all the assets in the blockchain industry. PayAccept aims to fill this gap by:

  • Having a unified user interface that is easy to use so that even an unbanked can access their digital assets and finances 24X7.
  • Acting as a bridge between the new disruptive crypto world and the traditional world of finance. To intensify mass adoption, PayAccept aims to become an Electronic money institution. This will allow PayAccept to tap into a blockchain economy (which is worth more than 250 billion USD) and bridge it with the traditional money systems.
  • Connecting the world’s organizations to digital banking by having physical POS (point of sale) and easy to use mobile and web applications.

Winning functionalities of PayAccept

PayAccept is targeting the mass market and the business entities associated with it. It offers a hoard of functionalities that can efficiently intertwine regular operations with cryptocurrencies. Some of them are:

  • It has smart analytical tools using which one can get valuable insights into their spending and asset.
  • Users will receive notifications for all inbound as well as outbound transactions.
  • One can link up to 3 bank accounts with PayAccept.
  • You can become your point of sale or Pay-of-sale by using PayAccept mobile application. It might let you discover a new revenue stream on the go.
  • The payments can be made in thousands of currencies which are converted into one. You can pay any bill with any currency.
  • PayAccept has a global appeal as it can accept cryptocurrencies from anywhere in the world.
  • You will be shielded by the volatile nature of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with PayAccept. You will get every dollar or euro of what you charge minus 1%.
  • PayAccept will issue cards that can be used to pay in shops. You can also withdraw cash from ATMs around the world, using PayAccept card.

PayAccept is all set for its second round of IEO

The seconds IEO round of PayAccept is set on 28 August 2020, 12:00.

It will continue till Saturday, 29 August, 12:00 (GMT +1) and will be as a direct sale on the PayAccept website ->

In this round, PayAccept would give 5% to Doctors without borders.

After completion of this IEO, PayAccept will be listed on ten exchanges.


PayAccept will take away the worries of investors who were earlier wary in investing in cryptocurrencies. With its capacity for safe and fast transactions and the ability to shield investors from the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, it will provide a step forward into the crypto world. It has added a layer that will help companies and individuals manage their crypto assets efficiently. The blockchain technology has become extremely accessible with PayAccept.


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