Cryptocurrencies can be used as a means of payment, as a source to obtain financing, as a mechanism that facilitates fund transfers, as an investment asset or simply as a safe structure to deposit money, among many other uses.

Many of the cryptocurrencies have been created for purposes that go beyond speculation: to pay for social benefits, to develop certain technologies, to finance infrastructure, to provide services, etc. For example, the creators of EOS develop software that enables scaling of decentralized finance applications using Blockchain technology.

This “digital popularization” of money is of particular concern in countries with dictatorial regimes where control of the economy and transactions is very strong. Where there are already barriers to the free use of digital media for the transmission of ideas and social organization, they now have a new front: economic freedom outside the control of the state. Something similar is happening in economies with a high level of corruption or in countries with high inflation, in which cryptocurrencies have become for their citizens an alternative to the loss of purchasing power and a way to avoid state control for buying currency. In underdeveloped countries, which do not have a generalized banking or financial structure, cryptocurrencies will represent an important reinforcement for the promotion of the economy, savings and trade.

Gylie is a DeFi protocol that allow users to send, receive, and trade cryptocurrencies in a fast, safe, and transparent manner without the need for an intermediary. The DeFi system incorporates a cryptocurrency exchange platform, native token, digital wallet, and later NFTs.

The main objective is to fascinate more customers in order to create higher fluidity for the swaps to process faster as transactions will be processed from users to users. The near future plan is to apply trading bots to help with immediate swaps and add arbitrage to help create a faster process.

The business persons involves in the constant cryptocurrency news to keep up with the trends in prices. The next step is to react to the market changes instantly as a way of exploiting gains. In such a case, the Gylie wallet will enable the trader to access their funds in the wallet and sell them instantly.

Gylie Genesys is the biggest project which main objective is to encourage the blockchain technologies in women and minorities. Enclosure of women and minorities is important. Gylie Genesys will be an educational program for these two demographics in order to promote blockchain technologies in their communities because it believe blockchain technologies will be the new wave of technologies. Gylie Genesys also planning on creating an educational platform with different format of resources to teach these groups about blockchain technologies like NFTs, Coins, Smart Contracts, and many other.

Gylie wallet is web-based and is accessible through a PC or mobile phone. The wallet has a very simple user interface. The simplicity of this wallet makes it greater for beginners who are just joining the cryptocurrency space. No user information is stored on Gylie’s database. All user information for their wallets are stored on their browsers. A mobile native iOS and Android wallet app are in the works.

It is the project’s inherent coin that empowers nearly all the activities of the project. The token facilitates Cryptocurrency and NFT exchange on the Gylie platform. As a user, you can buy native coins and use them to purchase any item on the network. The coins facilitate faster settlements within the protocol’s ecosystem. Additionally, the tokens are designed to gain value with the increase in demand. Therefore, it offers users a good investment opportunity. Users can buy and store their tokens and later sell them when the price has risen.


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