A severe shift in the global art scene is underway with increasing interest in digital assets, including NFTs.

What is AIBC Summit?

AIBC, the “United in Knowledge” pillar of the economic vision. Drawing the leading figures of the emerging tech world to the Middle Eastern metropoles for cutting edge technology, the 2022 AIBC Summit in Dubai, which takes place at the Festival Arena by the Intercontinental Hotel Festival City, plans to unite the policy-makers, developers, C-suite executives and legal experts of the burgeoning AI and Blockchain sectors. Through three days of educational panels, inspiring keynote speeches, workshops, and networking events, the conference seeks to create the foundation that the Industrial Revolution 4.0 can be built upon, also stresses that innovation and technological advancement will be the central core of the country’s future.

Meeting Top Dogs

MetaHorse is proud to announce that we were invited to join the summit. This could be a precious moment that we could get in touch with the most brilliant mind within the industry and possibly expand our network for future partnerships.

MetaJo, the Chief Growth Officer of MetaHorse, visited AIBC Summit at the invitation of XT.com to discuss collaborations and partnerships with several top organizations within the blockchain space.

Event Highlights:

  • Talked to Tiger Pay as they have a large community in Japan using their crypto wallet.
  • Discussed with Bitay, a centralized exchange, which has people from Turkey as its majority users.
  • Had an idea-sharing session with Tezos, looking forward to forming a partnership within the ecosystem.
  • Had a conversation with TDefi, a crypto incubator, and advisor, who dug into our project and was impressed with our idea of giving a real horse to our players with the highest rank.

What’s Next?

At the heart of AIBC is a deep love and appreciation for the start-up. For a team like MetaHorse, we took this opportunity to present the project’s grand vision. While the industry is full of innovative movers and shakers with a record of disrupting the industry, MetaHorse will soon prove itself with activities that show excessive potential.


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