Despite the varying geographical and political situations in different parts of the world, if there’s anything that has remained consistent in the past 6 months, it’s the value of blockchain and metaverses. There is no denying the fact that the concept of the metaverse is exploding among the masses involved in the crypto industry. Assuming that we are discussing a dedicated project, it’s a no-brainer that you are aware of the metaverse as a concept. So let’s go deeper and dive into one of the most profitable revenue models of the metaverse space, play-to-earn games.

What are Play-to-Earn Games?

As the name suggests, play-to-earn is a concept that allows players to do what they love, play games, while getting paid for it. THAT’S THE DREAM, RIGHT? Indeed, IT IS! Imagine having to do this for a living, wouldn’t you just love your life? I’m sure there are no negative answers to this question.

So basically play-to-earn games have a singular purpose of allowing players to generate revenue while they spend time and perform specific actions within the game. Since the gameplays of most play-to-earn games are addictive and interactive, by default, there is no need for any further proof of the concept that this model would fail in the gaming industry.

For this reason, more and more players are flocking into the play-to-earn gaming category and a bunch of new games are being released every month with both unique and copy-pasted patterns to make them a cash cow for the developers.

Following a similar approach to revolutionizing how fantasy football is played, DX Cup was introduced to ensure that the players who enjoy playing fantasy football, can also enjoy the creation of some passive income along with the trading of game assets in the form of NFTs in global NFT markets.

Let’s dive deep into the details of DX Cup and discuss the variety of features present on the platform!

DX Cup: All-Around Soccer Metaverse Play-to-Earn Platform

Imagine a metaverse environment? This must be easy, right? Now, imagine a platform with dedicated environment details related to soccer including the high-quality graphics and realistic gameplay as provided by the big players of PC soccer gaming industry. Did you enjoy the imagination?

What if we told you that you could have it all and A LOT MORE, at DX Cup, would you believe me? I’m sure the answer is NO. Let me help you change that answer for you!

Here’s a list of some of the defining factors that categorically announce DX Cup as the single-most detail-oriented and industry-centric gaming platform.


Have you ever had the dream of becoming a successful manager of a football team or even dreamt of managing a specific player of your choice? I’m sure the answer’s yes. We provide you with the option to make the best soccer decisions for your desired player on the field in the DX Cup.

With the option of nurturing your chosen/owned players while having the option to trade them as individual NFTs, you can easily understand the scale of our platform. Although we do provide you chances to generate revenue through wins, you can even generate revenue by flipping your NFT characters.


Soccer fans absolutely love the concept of club football! It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that club-level soccer is greater than the international level in most countries. For this reason, we at DX Cup have developed dedicated Clubs on our platform that allow our customers to earn revenue through league wins.

Moreover, you get to experience the true concept of managing a club from recruiting the best players for your team to trading existing players for other competitive players! What more can you expect from a play-to-earn game?


In case you have higher motives and wish to generate passive income streams, you can acquire arenas/stadiums on our platform and earn passive income from every match played in the arenas. You can even trade your arenas to generate higher profit margins and strategize your plans for further investments on our platform.

Different Modes to Enjoy

Since we wish to provide an all-around platform that is a one-stop solution for your soccer gaming needs in the play-to-earn space, we provide multiple detailed gaming modes. These modes range from highly detailed and dedicated training modes to compete with different teams on both 1:1 and championship levels.

Evolve As You Grow

Our motive is for you to enjoy the time you spend on our platform and generate as much revenue as you can amidst the enjoyment. To ensure that you maximize your revenue generation, we only require a single thing in return. Your dedication to improving your gameplay and the urge to develop detailed money-making strategies that will come in handy.

DX Cup – Tokenomics

Since the DX Cup is a growing platform and requires support from the community, the Tokenomics structure is as follows:

  • Advisors: 6%,
  • Airdrop: 1%,
  • Core team: 13%,
  • Dex liquidity: 4%,
  • Financial: 8%,
  • ICO: 8%,
  • Marketing: 5%,
  • Platform develop: 6%,
  • Play-to-Earn: 30%,
  • Token stability: 19%.

DX Cup – Roadmap

Since we are a relatively new company in the metaverse space, it is difficult to gain the trusts of people involved and interlinked within the soccer industry. However, we believe that our detailed roadmap will help us win the hearts of our target market with great ease!

2022 Targets


Develop and contact the Community to announce our arrival and provide a brief overview of our platform.


Release our official trailer and perform characters presentations to develop interest within our supporters.


We have planned a Token Airdrop to maintain relevance within our community while we accelerate our development and platform-testing cycle.


This is where the MAGIC happens! We plan to launch the greatest Soccer metaverse platform in Q4 of 2022 along with a dedicated DX Cup Marketplace.

2023 Targets


Players will be able to trade new players on the platform in the first quarter and will get to experience the thrill of player vs player for the first time in Q1 of 2023.


Lastly, we wish to create systematic Friendship Systems along with support for new langugages.

It’s a known fact that Play-to-Earn gaming is the future of the gaming industry. With consistent proof that the model is highly profitable and brings great retention metrics, it is being accepted by many international big gaming players.

We believe that with the increase in popularity of DX Cup, the one-stop Soccer Metaverse, we will see a surge in the popularity of play-to-earn gaming due to the targeted niche of soccer for our platform. Since soccer has the hearts of millions of supporters, the emotions of our die-hard supporters can be easily channelled to this service if we are able to provide them with a good time in our general gameplay!



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