While META2032 is pushing for the future of the metaverse, it’s no stranger to real-world events either. The recent networking event in Dubai attracted blockchain and metaverse enthusiasts from afar with the promise of an opportunity to mingle with like-minded individuals.

The event proved to be a phenomenal success, which is a small surprise considering the venue. The creative minds behind META2032 brought an intense dose of innovation and ingenuity to the event as they turned the second level of the Dubai Mall into a mesmerizing, awe-inspiring sci-fi experience that words are not enough to describe.

Billing its ecosystem as the next generation of the virtual world, META 2032 is merging blockchain Web 3.0 infrastructure, a DAO-powered decentralized community, and immersive metaverse experiences.

Those are the primary features that most spectators paid attention to when the team announced its launch and other plans last week. However, there is one aspect that perhaps did not get the attention that it should have.

Metaverse Mining

META 2032 will offer a platform coin that will be integrated throughout the virtual world and its expanding ecosystem, which makes it a truly utility-driven asset. While users could acquire these coins through a variety of methods, what stands out the most is the possibility of acquisition through mining.

Traditional cryptocurrency mining is riddled with challenges. For starters, it requires dedicated mining machines that are power-hungry, jampacked with raw computing horsepower, and well beyond the budget of many aspiring “digital gold” miners. Furthermore, the learning curve of putting all these pieces together is a hoop that proves insurmountable for an overwhelming majority of consumers.

We live in an age of convenience where everything stands a finger tap away. It’s unrealistic to expect the average user to take interest in mining. At the same time, having a diverse group of participants powering the network of a project is crucial to its decentralization and sovereignty. The result of this mismatch is the harsh reality that we live in: most blockchain networks are more homogenous and concentrated than they ought to be.

META 2032 is flipping that equation on its head by offering an effortless point of entry into mining for all users, from veterans of the industry to metaphorical “newborns”.

The process is as simple as purchasing the hash rate for the Metaverse Matrix, a moniker that represents a similar concept as mining syndicates or mining groups. By stripping all technical complexities, META2032 is making mining more accessible than ever as all a user needs is to purchase a Metaverse Miner and passively enjoy the reward tokens it generates.

A Metaverse Miner starts at $100 with 10% returns per month and can go as high as $10,000 with a mouth-watering 18% rate of monthly returns. This mechanism operates on a staking basis, as each miner comes with a mining cycle of 3 years.

Next-Gen Blockchains

True to its commitment to fair and friendly initiatives, META 2032 is leveraging Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Conscious Value Network (CVNT).

Compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are notorious electricity guzzlers, the chains used by META 2032 are substantially friendlier for the environment. BSC, for instance, is reported to run on less than 1% of Bitcoin’s energy usage.

Furthermore, CVNT is a Layer-2 solution that will allow META2032 to incorporate decentralization in every aspect of its operations, from the network itself to storage and beyond.

To learn more about META2032, visit www.meta2032.org.

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