Throughout the past few months, an indisputable FOMO has overtaken NFT markets globally and saturated the NFT market on Ethereum. Only recently have NFT’s been implemented into the Solana Blockchain and the market’s pump is about to begin. This is because Solana has virtually no gas fees when compared to Ethereum, reducing the transactional cost to the end buyer of an NFT and executing minting in a fraction of the time.

For those who have missed 100x projects like Degen-Ape Yacht Club or Crypto-Punks, opportunities are on the horizon. Our review of the upcoming Beverly Hills Car Club indicates that it could very well be the next project to land on the moon.

What is The Beverly Hills Car Club

The Beverly Hills Car Club is a collection of the rarest classic cars in automotive history, located in a secured, top-secret garage somewhere in Beverly Hills, California. Being the first and only classic automobile NFT collection in the crypto-verse, it could very well provide 10x returns to its collectors.

To maintain exclusivity, Beverly Hills Car Club has minted hand-drawn images for the 9 rarest classic cars in automotive history with a limited production of each vehicle true to the real quantity produced by the maker. The collection’s total drop will consist of 8150 tokens priced at 2 Sol (Solana).

Beverly Hills Car Club X Solana

Each vehicle is built and stored on the Solana blockchain with ownership allowing each collector to buy, sell and trade classic cars with collectors from around the world. This is advantageous to the collector because, unlike other blockchains, Solana has almost no gas fees which are typically hidden during the minting process. To take part in the Beverly Hills Car Club drop, prospecting collectors must create a Solana wallet such as Phantom and have some SOL on standby.

For a sneak peek at the collection and the official drop countdown, head to our website listed below and make sure to join the discord for the most recent updates.






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