Nonetheless: Why we cannot give up on economic equality

The author shares her knowledge and vindication about economic inequality from a youth’s perspective. The book aimsto provoke thoughts and discussions about economic inequality among our generation and transform feelings of despair into hope and personal responsibility.

Economic inequality is at its worst level, only exacerbating at a frightening pace.It is not our generation who have created this reality. We have inherited it. But we are the ones who are and will bear the brunt of this unsolved issue. And because the repercussion of economic inequality is the loss of human dignity, we cannot concede defeat.

We are at a critical moment in time when we are requestioning if modern capitalism works.It is finally the chance for us youth to unite to fight inequality.

In Nonetheless: Why we cannot give up on economic equality, Arim Lee marshals thorough research and data to reveal the severity and the alarming trends of economic inequality in the current world. She educates the reader on the various ways economic inequality is measured and criticizes the limitations of the existing metrics. She follows by providing a comprehensive definition of economic inequality that encompasses the dimensions too often neglected by society.

The author recasts economic inequality from a policy challenge into an issue of human dignity and justice. She reveals how inequality manifests in the utter degradation of dignity for too many, costing real human lives, not merely in quantifiable economic losses. In turn, she denounces the irony of our society’s lack of attention and prioritization of the issue, despite the enumeration of dignity as the principal right by global organizations and nations.

While she finds fault with the false interpretations and unawareness of our reality among the youth, she finds their sense of powerlessness to be the most threatening problem of all. Inequality is not inevitable; it persists in the absence of optimism and prioritization to solve the issue. By highlighting the accelerating trends of development and technology and their implications on inequality, the author convinces the reader of the urgency of the issue. She successfully empowers her fellow youth to transform their feelings of despair into hope and personal responsibility. Only then can economic inequality be considered from all possible anglesand reverseour societytowards the right direction, towards universal dignity.


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