The Ethereum team will activate Muir Glacial hard fork on January 1 or 2. An update is important to defer the purported difficulty bomb by another 4 million blocks, and this will occur in block 9,200,000.

Ethereum (ETH), the second-biggest computerized asset with a continuous market estimation of $14.5 billion, totally changed its benefit toward the end of the week and added up to $130.50 at the hour of composing. ETH/USD has lost over 2.5% over the most recent 24 hours and has stayed unaltered since the beginning of the year 2020.

Despite recovering past $135 earlier this week, Ethereum is presently trying to stay above that level as the bears are trying to gain complete dominance over the combined cryptocurrency markets. Ethereum may be on the threshold of remarkable growth, which could potentially lead the crypto market to a multi-month bull market in early 2020.

The Ethereum project anticipates a ton of intriguing advancements with regards to 2020: the group is going to start the progress to Ethereum 2.0, the last update for the second-biggest digital money platform on the globe, as the CFTC is set up to validate ETH futures.

All things considered, industry members state the fork’s activation cutoff times are dreadful. As kept up by Samson Mow, chief research official (CSO) at Blockstream, January 1 isn’t the opportune time for a hard fork, just as the major number of network individuals are not set up for this.

To observe ahead, we have planned several important phases for 2020. First, after a few delays, the team is ready to begin deploying the Serenity update (also known as Ethereum 2.0). This is the ultimate objective for the Ethereum blockchain, which marks the transition to a stake proof model. Phase 0 Serenity will be rolled out in the first quarter of 2020; although, a full deployment can take at least two or three years due to the complexity of the tasks facing developers. It is noteworthy that Serenity will be deployed gradually, which means that the current version of Ethereum 1 will work continuously.

ETH/USD Continues to Attempt Breaking Past the $130 Level
Supply Levels: $130, $125, $115

Demand Levels: $180, $158, $150

Ethereum is giving indications of price adjustment, following the ongoing decrease in the ETH/USD pair towards the $115.00 support level. ETH/USD buyers require to revitalize the pair from current levels towards the $158.00 level to make an enormous bullish reversal trend.

By and large, the upside projection of the trend recommends a medium-term recuperation in the ETH/USD pair towards the $180.00 region.

On the off-chance the ETH/USD pair exchanges over the $150.00 level, the key barrier is found at the $158.00 and $180.00 level.

And in case the ETH/USD pair exchanges beneath the $150.00 level, the key support is found at the $125.00 and $115.00 level.


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