Over the last few years, the DeFi industry has grown by leaps. Developers in the community have come up with various projects to address different issues.

The YOURSTAR Network aims to provide a simple solution for monetizing content for models, creators and other influencers. That includes paid posts, subscriptions and paid live streams.

$STAR – the payment method of YOURSTAR’s ecosystem

The developers of YOURSTAR are launching $STAR token on September 27, 2021. It will serve as the primary payment processor for all YOURSTAR dApps, while also rewarding all holders with tokens, airdrops & NFTs.

YOURSTAR x Smart Chain

Important aspect of YOURSTAR is that the $STAR token will be based on the Smart Chain blockchain. Why this matters is that on Smart Chain, there are almost no gas fees, unlike other blockchains. This is highly advantageous to the end user, as when you buy or send $STAR, you won’t have to spend ridiculous amounts to complete the transactions.

NFT collections and collaborations

With the aim to grow, many influencers and creators will be signed for special collaborations which will not only provide additional paid content for customers, but also unique NFT collections for $STAR holders.

Airdrop & Whitelist

At this time, all users are eligible to enter a contest. Randomly chosen winners will be whitelisted and some will even receive free airdrop of $STAR tokens. You can apply here.

$STAR Tokenomics

Total Supply: 100,000,000 STAR
Pre-Sale: 50%
PancakeSwap: 27%
Private Pre-Sale: 20%
Network Fees: 2.56%
Burn: remaining tokens from pre-sales
2% fee to all holders
2% fee burned
1% fee reserved for marketing purposes

Join the YOURSTAR community

Website: https://yourstar.io
Telegram: https://yourstar.io/telegram
Twitter: https://yourstar.io/twitter


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