Today, cryptocurrencies have become a mainstream investment option as its adoption peaks to new highs. The 2021 bull run proved to be a game changer as it attracted attention from both the retail investors as well as institutional giants who watched from the sidelines in 2017. Millions of new users have joined the crypto market in hopes of making some quick money. While investing in cryptocurrencies is a wise choice especially during the ongoing bull run, diversifying an investment is the intelligent option in the long term. Instead of investing in just one cryptocurrency, traders can invest their fund across multiple crypto ecosystems and beyond just crypto assets. 

YourFreedom is a platform that aims to revolutionise investing for new traders through its platform. It will offer education, trading advice and many more resources for people to multiply their investment. The platform would do this by empowering people to invest in Bitcoin mining as it could prove a long term way of earning bitcoin along with diversifying their investment through Defi. The platform envisions becoming an expert in Bitcoin Mining Operations, De-Fi Finance & purchasing real estate with cryptocurrency (in particular Bitcoin).

YourFreedom aims to accelerate the financial technology revolution by advocating the incredible potential of how cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, De-Fi Finance & Bitcoin can solve people’s issues. The platform will educate, transform & mentor people to have cryptocurrency as an asset base. The founder of the project is a Annie Rogers, a highly decorated Police Officer currently serving on the Multicultural Board for NSW & Australia, who has been an expert in Special Tactics Counter-Terrorism & Law Enforcement. She has been a High-Level Security & Protector for Royal Families, Prime Ministers, Senators, Heads of State, Hollywood A-listers & VIP Security. She has authored best-selling children guides of “How to” with bitcoin – How to start with Bitcoin, How to buy Bitcoin etc

She is an extremely successful Real Estate Agent, Property Investor & Developer in Australia, NZ & Asia. Some of her key achievements include,

  • Successful Entrepreneur, Visionary, Property Tycoon
  • Compounds, stakes, trades, buys & mines Bitcoin
  • International Speaker on Decentralisation, Smart Cities & Smart City Solutions
  • United Nations Digitalisation Committee of Advanced Technology
  • Launched Bitcoin ATM machines in the Asia Pacific Region
  • Involved in several De-Fi Finance Systems & Platforms
  • Working with three international banks regarding De-Fi Finance Payment systems
  • Global Youth Advocate

What YourFreedom Aims to Achieve?

YourFreedom aims to build traders beyond the volatility of the crypto market, apart from offering investment options, it will also teach users about Bitcoin, the history of Bitcoin & why the timing is right now. It will show them what to look for to identify non-legitimate Bitcoin concepts and provide weekly coaching calls & ZOOM calls to support their education. The platform would teach users how to purchase their bitcoin mining rigs from scratch. They will explain and show how to purchase, set up and mine Bitcoin with a mining rig in under a week.

YourFreedom aims to validate the income that is produced from their Bitcoin mining rigs. Offer regular conversations & mentorship to explain the benefits of Bitcoin mining, crypto Currency and De-Fi Finance to users. Some of the early target for the platform includes,

  • To obtain cold market leads of people that like crypto but have not done Bitcoin mining, crypto & De-Fi Finance
  • Encourage people to mine Bitcoin & become Bitcoin miners to start the base of their education & knowledge
  • Help small business owners during the covid pandemic to realise regular daily income
  • Allow people to retire early & retire comfortably
  • Have a second income where you aren’t exchanging time for money

Recently China which used to be the hub for bitcoin mining comprising more than 60% of the total Bitcoin miners passed a series of regulations to put a complete ban on Bitcoin mining. This led to a sharp decline in network power but now it has started to grow back to pre ban levels. However, it has created a perfect opportunity for newcomers to join the Bitcoin mining league as chances of making profits have increased amid lowered competition and the soaring Bitcoin price make it even more lucrative.

YourFreedom Will Offer Financial Freedom

In this day and age ridden by pandemic and world disorder cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin can prove to be the perfect ally and YourFreedom aims to take this to as many people as possible. Investing in Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining would give financial freedom to the users irrespective of which part of the world they belong to. While Institutional investors have tons of resources at their peril to help them make a wise investment decision, the same can’t be said about retail or new traders. This is where YourFreedom comes into picture to help those who are not familiar with the ecosystem but want to make the right investment. 

YourFreedom aims to diversify investment through Defi, one of the most popular use cases to arise out of the crypto ecosystem in 2020. It offers passive income opportunities and helps people diversify their investment. YourFreedom would coach and help traders to choose the best and most reliable defi projects to invest in.


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