Xegara World Ltd, engineered by Krypto Fintech Ltd, empowered by Canondale Investment Ltd, has successfully completed 100% private sales and 92% of the pre-seed round and announces the latest seed round for the revolutionary XAR crypto and real-use case crypto technology.

Xegara World Ltd, a pioneering innovator in understanding and developing the complexities of cryptocurrencies and digitized crypto assets to meet the needs of the general population, announces that its latest round of funding has entered the hot phasis for the futuristic applicable tokenization development of regulated real use cases and audited digital assets.

This unique innovative solution aims to bridge the gap for users in emerging markets and give them access to a healthy and transparent crypto economy system.

The combination of XAR Cryptocurrency, XAR Crypto Exchange and XAR NFT Market Place creates an exponentially increasing token value price through a powerful, trusted XAR ecosystem that enables users from all demographics worldwide to participate in the shooting-up digital economy safely and efficiently.

Xegara World Ltd was founded by decades of experienced seasoned managers. Together we have over 100 years of business experience from over 102 countries in the areas of banking, finance, M&A, commodities, real estate, law, blockchain and marketing; and with deep understanding of the needs of the populations in different cultures.

We are EU and UK based and have taken the strict KYC, AML and CTF regulations very seriously from the start and have implemented the necessary internal compliance processes accordingly.

For inquiries please contact:

Canondale Investments Ltd      

Email: [email protected]