The last few quarters were extremely favorable to NFTs. Its popularity grew tremendously, the market cap reached an all-time high, and the costliest NFT to date got sold for a whopping $91.8 million. And experts predict the market will continue to witness an upward trajectory in the years to follow. What surprised both enthusiasts and experts was a growing interest amongst investors in NFTs from emerging artists, particularly the abstract ones. One such that might transform the space for good is the Lexigraphs NFT collection from The Neon God.

The Neon God represents a unique cooperation to create The Code of Language, something that was yet to be seen. That’s one of the primary reasons it managed to create a storm in the NFT space soon after launch. The developer intends to create a digital art project where linguistics meets programming.

A unique aspect of the Lexigraph NFTs is that these become fully visible to the owner only after purchase. It gives rise to curiosity and increases the community’s interest in general, thus driving the value higher. And for such a curated and unique collection, there couldn’t be a better time to acquire NFTs since the prices are at an all-time low and will increase as soon as the word spreads out.

At present, there are 16 NFTs in the collection, each distinctive and eccentric in its own way, while the complete collection will consist of 512 unique NFTs. The Lexigraphs collection is a collaboration between a programmer and a linguist, and the same reflects in the NFTs. It encourages and challenges the viewer to identify the meaning of the words the NFT is based on. The graphics, to a great extent, rely on cryptographic algorithms, thus creating meaningful and, at the same time, stimulating images pleasing to the eye and challenging to the brain.

Anyone who understands the art of NFTs, the potential held by the space, and the intricacies of the subject, will be intrigued by Lexigraphs, a truly unique collection in every sense. Don’t waste time and be amongst the first to grab the NFTs that will not just capture the attention of experts, enthusiasts, and investors alike but will define the future of the space.

To find out more about Lexigraphs NFT, view the entire collection, and make an offer, visit the official OpenSea page of The Neon God: