Due to the market’s volatility, crypto has long been considered a risky investment. And the recent market crash made things even worse for investors. As a result, many were looking for tokens with proper backing that could withstand the fluctuations in the market. Stablecoins proved a reliable option until a few months ago, but it’s not really stable in the true sense. Also, with the prices pegged to a specific currency, the returns aren’t very promising. For those looking for a safe, reliable, and profitable investment option, the S39 gold pegged token would be a perfect choice.

The S39 token is one of the most valued gold-backed cryptocurrencies in the space. Every token is backed by 0.5 g of real gold, with a purity level of 99.9%. If you were wondering, the required quantity of gold safely rests in a bank vault, and the community can seamlessly access information regarding it using the following details: 

Save Keeping Receipt (SKR) Gold, cert. guarantee no. 93-010-L-50 

S39 is holding an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) in three phases spread across the same number of weeks, starting from September 19, 2022, on the Findexx Exchange. Here’s all the information you need to know about the IEO.

Week 1: 1 Million S39 tokens available at $0.25

Week 2: 2 Million S39 tokens available at $0.39

Week 3: 3 Million S39 tokens available at $0.50

The details regarding the IEO make it amply clear that investing in the first week itself will deliver better returns when compared to the following weeks. Also, S39 is offering a 100% rise in the value of investments within the first few weeks. It couldn’t get any better!

Remember, the prices are subject to vary, and you should review the terms of participation before registering.

S39 isn’t just a token but an expanding ecosystem all set to capture the De-Fi space. The S39 token will allow you to connect with more than a hundred projects in the ecosystem by the year 2023 and get the best out of the crypto space. 

The S39 token is a backed by gold and is the native token for the FINDEXX ecosystem. With an initial supply of 390 billion; 90% will be burned by 2025 leaving 390 million in circulation.

S39 will enhance the traditional business skyline with real estate projects, backed by S39. Token owners will have the opportunity to be a part of these projects and rewarded accordingly.

Other projects include minerals, real estate, natural gas, agriculture and many more…. Including S39 being an assets held by companies needing tokens backed by Gold.

S39’s revenue is generated through real-world project investments that support these projects with finance not normally available to them. Revenue will be shared globally through Super Dapps as part of the prosperity ecosystem.

Therefore, joining the S39 ecosystem today means that you will have access to many real world opportunities in the future.

The S39 gold pegged token also offers the option to stake, often considered one of the best ways to earn a passive income. Investors stand a chance to make a whopping 30% APR, much higher than other projects in the space. And the minimum staking period for S39 tokens would be 180 days, while the maximum is set at 540 days. The tokens acquired during the IEO will be staked for 365 days and will deliver upto 10% APR.

So, if you have always wanted to benefit from the market for gold but storing the metal in its actual form didn’t make much sense, you can now acquire S39 during the IEO, and it will probably be available at the lowest ever price. Because once the token starts trading on exchanges, the prices are slated to increase exponentially. Go ahead and register for the S39 IEO today!

To register for the IEO, visit: https://www.findexx.net/ 

To find out more about the S39 token and the ecosystem, visit the official website: https://s39token.com/

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