What a time we live in… space travel, CRISPR, MetaVerse, NFTs, public ledger, and many more. We at Aada Finance are excited to do what seems the best one could do — create distributed systems.

Today we are writing you to share updates on our fair launch (ISPO). We think the most important — we already got >600 active delegators at the moment! That’s an amazing milestone — thank You if you have been staking with us.

In the first 11 epochs, we already allocated 127k+bonus of AADA! And there is much more to come! Based on our math, we will use ~50k out of 1M AADA bonus allocated. We have decided to distribute an unused bonus of ~950k AADA to our delegators!

First of all, if you were eligible for a 10% or 7% bonus — you will get it. These bonuses will not disappear, and every eligible delegator is going to receive them.

However, to incentivize new delegators and increase AADA token holders, we decided to reuse the remaining ~950k of AADA bonus to:

1) Fairly increase rewards for loyal delegators
2) Attract new delegators to join the ISPO

New bonus — Incentive bonus

Starting epoch 304 we are introducing a new AADA ISPO bonus. Bonus is designed in the way that it not only increases the stake but will incentivise existing delegators to attract more stake into the ISPO pool!

Bonus details are as following:

  • Every active delegator is eligible starting epoch 304;
  • To receive the bonus, one will need to stake until epoch 321 without leaving the ISPO;
  • More ADA staked — more rewards available for delegators. See different tiers below:

  • Bonuses will be calculated in a matter of epoch;
    For example: If epoch 315 has 8M active stake, delegators will receive Tier 1; if epoch 316 reaches 9M active stake — delegators will receive Tier 2 bonuses for that epoch.
  • Entire Tier Bonus will be distributed to every delegator according to their delegated ADA;
  • The most important part — the sooner you join more you benefit. Bonus is decreasing for every following epoch.

Let’s take an example of a person who is delegating 10,000 ADA. Assume that there is 9M ADA staked so tier #2 is activated and currently it’s an epoch 308. For that epoch there is 3,715 AADA distributed as an incentive bonus. Delegator are going to get 10,000 * 0.005 = 50 AADA standard reward for the epoch. Additionally they will get (10,000/9,000,000) = 0.0011 of the bonus – (4,161*0.0011) and that’s 4.62 extra AADA!
So in total a delegator will receive 50+4.62 = 54.62 AADA. More over if Tier #4 would have been active for the same epoch, delegator would have received — 5.96 extra AADA!

Appendix — Bonus tiers

Tier #0 — If Active stake is<5,000,000 ADA — no bonus is added.

Tier #1 — If Active stake reached 5,000,000 ADA

Tier #2 — If Active stake reached 9,000,000 ADA

Tier #3 — If Active stake reached 16,500,000 ADA

Tier #4 — If Active stake reached 30,700,000 ADA

Tier #5— If Active stake reached 62,500,000 ADA


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