Although each “crypto winter” (or “bear market,” as the uninitiated may call it) is unique, they always have one thing in common: they all inspire a fresh wave of invention.

Tokoin is an extremely well-known Blockchain company from South East Asia. The project is considered as one of the most promising Defi projects in Southeast Asia and is invested by reputable companies such as Kucoin labs and is also advised by the CEO of Kucoin – Johnny Lyu. And on October 10th, Tokoin has successfully raised an undisclosed investment from the world renowned web 3 venture capital firm DWF Labs, marking a new milestone on the road to building a decentralized economy.

The investment from DWF Labs will undoubtedly support Tokoin ecosystem’s development, making it stronger and more sustainable as it continues to expand thanks to recent achievements. Tokoin has the potential to become one of the most successful blockchain projects by 2023, a goal that only few projects will manage to score.

Tokoin is a technology company which aims to provide advanced solutions to local government and companies needs through blockchain technology. 

Currently, Tokoin’s ecosystem has the following strategic products:
➤ My T-Wallet: A mobile payment application that enables blockchain projects to use a safe, audited wallet with handy features without testing, correcting bugs, and auditing their own wallet.
➤ T-Fi: A financial transaction platform without middlemen.
➤ Frontera: A “Play-to-earn” game that will act as a gateway for TOKO to be utilized in the NFT realm.
➤ Tokoin Foundation – OFU Ventures: Focusing on blockchain startups. OFU will invest in projects that expand $TOKO’s usefulness and ecosystem.

And all of these products revolve around the TOKO token. Tokoin aspires to develop a sustainable blockchain ecosystem. The team needs a shared platform and environment to realize blockchain’s full potential, balancing efficiency and effectiveness. To do this, they offer TOKO tokens for ecosystem participation and services. TOKO is a super token utilized in our De-Fi products and NFT ecosystem as a reward, payment, and utility token. Launched on ERC-20, TOKO recently extended to BEP-20. New network interoperability is coming as token demand rises.

$TOKO is currently listed on these following exchanges (and will be more shortly):

“Tokoin has said publicly that this funding would be utilized to increase the size of the ecosystem, create more products (like T-Fi), and ultimately benefit both Tokoin’s users. A growing number of people are looking for a reliable and fruitful route to invest in cryptocurrencies amid the current bear market. Due to this awareness, we are working hard to enhance our current offerings and develop new features for the Tokoin ecosystem to provide users with as many advantages as possible. With DWF Labs’ support, we will be able to expand our products and provide even more value to our customers. The achievement of this goal is a major step forward for Tokoin.” – Mr. Andrew Riady, Tokoin CMO.

In addition, currently, more than 98% of small and medium-sized firms have extremely limited resources with which to accomplish their business and product development objectives. And in the post-Covid-19 era, they must adjust to a new reality. So, people often turn to well-known sources of credit, like banks, when they need funds. However, it is very challenging since it is dependent on the company’s collateral. Tokoin ecosystem and TOKO token are the best options available.

An example of how Tokoin helps projects achieve outstanding developments: Frontera is Tokoin’s first investment in a Metaverse NFT gaming project. As $TOKO holders, among the benefits are having TOKO tokens capable of being used in the Frontera ecosystem, not only for NFT Gaming but in the future, TOKO tokens are also used on the Metaverse side. This investment in Frontera has added more benefits and real use cases and utility of TOKO token. $TOKO holders will have the first opportunity and privileges to this brand new investment.

Here are Tokoin’s very clear upcoming plans:
◾ De-Fi Game: A various mini game ecosystem inside T-Fi that allows users to win rewards with TOKO tokens.
◾ Lending De-Fi Protocol: They’ll allow NFT/Token collateralized lending, which helps our holders. TOKO is a liquidity token for investors that require instant liquidity for their investment.
◾ Interact to Earn: A social networking app that connects like-minded individuals/groups. TOKO tokens are used to access advanced features and show appreciation.
◾ Expanding Our Network: They’ll soon integrate TOKO token on more networks and chains to support their growing ecosystem.
◾ Opening up SDK for partners: They want to open their ecosystem SDK to local governments and other traditional businesses, making it simpler for them to use their blockchain technology.
◾ TOKOIN Blockchain Network: Tokoin is building a blockchain network. They’ll use NPoS and Substrate as their framework. The Tokoin network will keep gas fees low, secure, and scalable.

About DWF Labs:

DWF Labs is part of the parent firm Digital Wave Finance (DWF), which consistently ranks among the top 5 trading entities by volume in the cryptocurrency world through its proprietary technology for high frequency trading. The company is present in Singapore, Switzerland, the UAE, South Korea, BVI, and expanding.

DWF Labs seeks to invest and support bold founders who want to build the future of Web3. They offer consulting, liquidity provision, cybersecurity, smart contract audit processes, debt-financing, treasury management and connections with our numerous partners across different verticals. On top of that, being one of the best traders in the world, DWF Labs can utilize their extensive knowledge to protect projects from the risks associated with market volatility.