Oblium is a turn-based NFT trading card RPG video game on the BSC network that uses Blockchain technology. The platform has announced the public launch of its much-anticipated turn-based play-to-earn game. To win the game’s token, players must compete with one another. They will have to devise their own plan based on their deck in order to win; because it is a player-owned economy, players will be able to exchange their champions and things.

The DeFi protocol surge last year and the NFT mania this year attracted a new audience to the crypto industry. If you’re interested in learning about new blockchain and crypto applications, brace yourself: the Metaverse and GameFi age have here, and it’s here to stay. Let’s begin by pressing the Play button. Since the introduction of Axie Infinity in the second half of 2021, which has launched a new era of blockchain gaming like never before, play-to-earn (P2E) games have been gaining tremendous popularity in the blockchain arena.

The proliferation of additional P2E games such as Alien Worlds, CryptoBlades, Plants vs Undead, and others demonstrates this. In fact, new types of decentralised games come out of nowhere every day, and many of them are able to draw large numbers of gamers in a short amount of time. Players can earn cryptocurrencies while playing, thanks to decentralised finance (DeFi) and non-fungible token (NFT) components contained within them, as P2E’s name suggests. After that, players can convert their bitcoins to fiat currency to pay their bills.

In other areas, such as the Philippines, the P2E is generating a revolution, with tens of thousands of players earning more money playing games like Axie Infinity than they would otherwise.

Oblium Game Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mG4R3WN8PJs

Oblium, like any other Champion NFT P2E game, has a Class and a Specialization. To build a strategy, players combine cards with their NFT’s expertise. They will utilise these cards to devise a plan for winning the game; these cards will have various effects that players must employ to their advantage.

Each specialization has its own cards that have been listed below:

  • Fire: Fire mages are characterized by increasing their level of damage and destroying shields by combining their cards.
  • Ice: Ice mages have abilities to confuse the opponent and avoid attacks.
  • Arcanist: His specialty is time; They are very fast and take advantage of their damage improvements to finish off their rival.
  • Earth: They are characterized by having great resistance and many skills to protect themselves from attacks.

There are many different cards for each class. Attacks, Specials, Shields, Secrets, and Ultimates Each one with different effects. In Oblium there are several classes. As development progresses, new classes will be added For now, only the Mage Class exists. Which have 4 specializations. Each of them with unique characteristics. 

The game is in Closed Beta State, and running well Soon the game will be publicly launched in the second week of April after which the team will open the pre-sale to get the first cards of the game There will be a Pre-Sale to get the first NFT game cards of the game at unique price soon. The loot boxes will contain several items inside and the card boxes will contain cards inside. When you open it, new Cards will be created and these cards will appear in your Deck Builder. The loot box will bring you 1 or 2 champions. These champions will appear instantly in players accounts.

To know more about Oblium visit www.obliumfight.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ObliumOfficial

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/pKW4NRfbcP


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