Anyone who has been following the crypto market, banking, or investing would be aware of what blockchain is and its power. Blockchain is the revolutionary record-keeping technology behind the success of the Bitcoin network. In simpler words, blockchain technology is the way digital information is stored in the form of blocks in a public database (which is the chain).

With the capacity to store monetary as well as other types of transactions (like property exchanges or stops in a supply chain) blockchain deals with all kinds of modern internet assets. Blockchain is going to affect the way you do business, manage assets, vote, use your machine, rent a car, and the list goes on.  Hence, it becomes imperative that you have a reliable way of accessing these blockchain applications via your Smartphones.

Dappatoz player is that bridge that uses Web 3.0 technology to render blockchain applications from mobile devices. Anyone with minimal technical knowledge can use the user-friendly dappatoz on their mobiles seamlessly. This state-of-the-art marketplace platform offers blockchain games and other applications right from your mobiles.

Alluring Features of Dappatoz

Dappatoz is the way ahead for those who want to explore cryptocurrencies and other blockchain applications, because:

  • It reduces entry barriers with its easy to use dApp from all major ecosystems.
  • It aims to become something similar to the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play store (for android) in the blockchain arena.
  • The intuitive and consumer-centric dApp marketplace would change the industry sentiment and people would become more inclined towards adopting and accepting blockchain technologies.
  • The infrastructure of the Dappatoz marketplace is geared towards extending user longevity by providing a robust B2C and B2B platform for the dApp industry.
  • It will be possible to use DCASH, its ERC-20 based coin, for all consumer activities.  With Dappatoz and DCASH blockchain technology would be easily integrated into an average consumer’s daily lives.
  • DCASH can be easily swapped with major blockchain ecosystem cryptocurrencies like TRON, ETH, and EOS. It is a versatile token of intermediary exchange for many types of transactions including NFTs, any kind of purchase or mode of payment, and reward in the WEB3.0 environment.
  • The VPN technology guarantees high security as it can bypass IP addresses. Central agencies would be prevented from monitoring dApp personal usage history, location, and other financial information through a VPN. This would make it easy for even people in China to use dApp.
  • DAPP player is based on Web 3.0 technology and executes major blockchain ecosystems from the Ethereum, EOS, and TRON chain along with Dappatoz native dApp applications that support DCAH tokens. This technology makes rendering high-performance and there are minimum swapping fees involved.
  • Crypto payment, remittance, swaps are a breeze with the inbuilt crypto wallet in Dappatoz. With DCASH as its principal currency, this Web 3.0 wallet handles purchases within the dApp ecosystem by inducing exchanges in Ethereum and Ethereum-based tokens. It integrates the following for easy entry:
    • SSO for Dappatoz users for easy entry.
    • Backend cross-integration with a number of Dappatoz SaaS.
    • Hassle-free front-end presentation for direct execution of dApps through Web 3.0 integration.
  • There is a Dappatoz marketplace playground where users can experience unlimited blockchain games rendered through Web 3.0 technology. The playground is a source of traffic for dApp developers and a key component for progression towards the mass adoption of blockchain technologies. The playground provides a similar business environment like Apple’s app store or Google play. Using playground dApp producers and consumers can meet simulating a traditional application marketplace. The playground comes packed with the following features:
    • Web-based dApp execution within the Dappatoz player without the need for any external application integration.
    • Uses Web 3.0 protocols to send and receive encrypted information.
    • It can send and receive cryptocurrencies.
    • It is secured by a private key management system.
    • Direct dApp listing.
    • NFT transaction management.
    • The web browser rendering engine is based on chromium.
  • DAPP analytics will provide invaluable insight into dApp performance and ROI services for your business.
  • DAPP publishing would provide a business platform for blockchain games and applications developers to publish their dApps.

Why Dappatoz has the potential to become a global service provider

The company assets so far are reason enough for Dappotaz to become a global service provider for all blockchain ventures. Its player and playground are the primary drivers for business companies to dive into dApp development for the market users. Let us look at some of the achievements in previous quarters:

  • In Q2, 20202 there were 1394 active dApps with 2,808,050 active dApp users. A total transaction of 12.34 trillion USD was created in 12 public blockchains – Ethereum, EOS, TRON, Steem, Hive, Chiliz, Terra, ICON, Klaytn, NEO, Tomochain, IOST, and Vexanium. This points to the fact that Dappatoz is the factor that can fill the gap of a much-needed value-oriented company community.
  • In Q2 the number of active dApp users doubled on Ethereum which exceeded the ATH. This was a whopping rise from 637,278 in the first quarter to 1,258,527 in the second quarter. EOS and Tron also saw a 30 to 50 percent increase in active dApp users. Hence Q4 2020 seems to be an ideal time for unveiling Dappatoz player as the new vibrant IT trend for propagating decentralized technologies.

Dappatoz token structure

DCASH has a limit of 1 billion tokens with 200 million allocated to private sales. 50 million are allocated for the first 6 months and another 50 million for the next 6 months. The remaining 100 million would be decided based on price formation with previously sold amounts. The company is implementing an innovative business model through DCASH which makes it interoperable with other dApps and major token via the dApp player network.

  • Users need to have DCASH to use the Dappatoz playground.
  • DCASH can swap into major dApp tokens based on ERC-20.
  • DCASH tokens are available through purchase in exchanges.

Roadmap of Dappatoz

The tentative roadmap of Dappatoz is as outlined below. It is subject to changes without prior notice.

  • Q3 2020 – Android player architecture design
  • Q4 2020 –
    • Exchange listing (October)
    • Android closed beta test
    • Multi blockchain integration.
    • Web 3.0 engine integration
    • dApp analytics initial deployment
  • Q1 2021
    • iOS closed beta test
    • Mobile VPN
    • Dappatoz Android Open Beta
    • Multi blockchain Integration
    • Payment Gateway Integration
    • dApp Analytics Beta Deployment
  • Q2 2021
    • DAPP Shop Beta
    • Mobile VPN Functionality
    • Crypto Wallet Opens
    • Dapp Analytics Beta Deployment
    • Dappatoz Player Full Android Roll Out
  • Q3 2021 – Dappatoz iOS Full Roll Out

The blockchain consumer application industry has grown and created a business climate that has brought about the need for a consumer-oriented market aggregator platform and that is what Dappatoz aims to build. A user-friendly seamlessly rendering of blockchain technologies with dApp player is the master key to the natural adoption of dApps.

Dcash will be listed on Bithumb Global on September 30, 2020. Trading for DCASH/USDT will be live at UTC+5.5 2020-09-30 14:30:00.


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