Being within a virtual world and represented by an avatar and then interacting with other people’s avatars will be the new era of the internet.

With MetaHorse’s user-centric approach, it’s going to play a vital role in this era and make an impact that’s hard to ignore.

World Metaverse Conference In Dubai 2022

The World Metaverse Conference was held on 25th March and 26th March 2022 at Festival Arena in Dubai Festival City.

This unique event delivered the insight and future trends of Metaverse, providing fertile answers to where to go about.

With the development of 5G communication technology and VR·AR technology, ‘Metaverse,’ having no space-time constraints, offers us endless possibilities. In addition, partnerships and collaborations across industries have been formed during the ongoing crisis, helping in both supporting creative business and finding new innovative ways forward.

Rocking MetaHorse In Dubai 

Representing MetaHorse, the co-founders, MetaJo & MetaJun, attended this global event. They happened to meet some of the most brilliant minds within the industry during the event. The vision and mission of MetaHorse actually created a buzz, thus making them seem very popular at that event.

This did create a butterfly effect and eventually ended up with more opportunities flowing in for MetaHorse. Even the marketing lead of the event reached out to us and discussed further collaboration for future events and sponsorship.

Final Touch

As the Metaverse becomes a more welcoming place to users, advertisers, publishers, investors are more than likely to continue innovating for the digital world. Likewise, the more time brands and developers spend in the Metaverse, the better the metaverses they’re inhabiting will become.

Anyhow, MetaHorse will be a crucial game changer during this process.


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