Discord, Twitter, and Reddit are some of the top channels that most DeFi and NFT projects host their communities on. These communities are often quite value-adding where you get to learn not just more about specific projects, but also get to know others in the crypto community who more often than not will have interesting points of view and insights into current crypto trends.

Here, we share 3 interesting crypto-related servers we’ve found across Discord:


This one is a no-brainer, where people from all over the crypto space — beginners and experts alike — gather to talk all things crypto. There are multiple channels to participate in depending on which aspects of crypto you’re more interested in.

This could very well be the largest crypto community on the Discord platform, which also means you may have to be wary of who you meet and what people claim (as with all things crypto), but the mods are pretty hardworking too, so you can be sure of an active and definitely interesting conversation no matter whether you’re looking for more thoughts on trading, NFT, mining, farming, DeFi, and more.


Cryptohub is also a relatively huge community that aims to guide beginners in the right direction for crypto. The group not only provides signals on various parts of cryptocurrencies and gives crypto news, but also has channels that give beginners a walkthrough of how to begin their crypto journey.

When you first join, you’re in a sort of “lite” mode where you can’t access everything, but if you really want to glean your information and signals from Cryptohub you can subscribe to their premium model.

Meta Pocket

If you’re invested in GameFi or NFTs, this is for you. MetaPocket is a digital wallet built with GameFi in mind that supports multi-currency, multi-layer and cross-chain transactions. It aims to simplify blockchain gaming for users, serve aspiring DApp and NFT developers, and usher in a new generation of blockchain digital wallets. MetaPocket is founded on the belief that any barriers to accessing blockchain gaming should be eradicated, so the product is designed with a simple interface, to be interoperable with any popular and compliant blockchain.

In their Discord chat, you’ll be linked up with GameFi and NFT enthusiasts from all over the world, from various blockchain gaming projects. Apart from discussing the MetaPocket product and the METAPK token, you can also look forward to more conversations on various P2E games and find the newest NFT projects here.

While the above are all popular and very decent crypto-based Discord channels, ultimately, do remember to DYOR before you invest in any crypto project that people share about within any of the groups!


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