On June 11, a special performance was held at the Ogeori Cultural Center(Historic Registered Cultural Property No. 340), located in Mokpo, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea.

This is Kwon Sae-Lom’s double bass recital.

The double bass solo recital was special because it was the first stage performed in the Mokpo area.

However, the biggest reason this performance is special is that it is the birth of the first economy history of CLE coin.

Kwon Sae-Lom, the principal of the Mokpo Philharmonic Orchestra, paid the entire performance fee in CLE coin to Bek Sol, the pianist who was invited for this performance.

CLE coin was listed on LBank, a global virtual asset exchange on March 15, 2022, and is being recognized as the most rapidly growing coin and maintaining active transactions.
Double bassist Kwon Sae-Lom delivered the coin to pianist Bek Sol through the LBank account.

Koo Gyo-Seong, chairman of the holding company ALMAN COMPANY Inc., said, “Our CLE coin pursues sustainable transactions in the real life of users. We are very pleased that the first economy of CLE coin was born in the daily life of Korean classical musicians who are receiving worldwide attention.”

ALMAN COMPANY Inc. is attracting attention as a company with future growth potential.
ALMAN has accumulated know-how starting with the value trading platform in 2006, aiming for “LIFE TO EARN”, the premium NFT marketplace “CLEBUS-X” that trades all values ​​in the world and the hyper-connected metaverse ecosystem “CLEBUS-M” are about to open.
CLEBUS is pioneering the next-generation market by securing various technologies such as blockchain, electronic wallet, virtual asset exchange, NFT, metaverse, and AI matching algorithm.

CLE coin is a currency used within CLEBUS, ALMAN’s own brand.

The philosophy of ALMAN COMPANY Inc is “INVestment & INNovation”.
ALMAN is realizing “OPEN Innovation” of application, expansion, and value creation within the CLEBUS ecosystem through collaboration and support based on outstanding talents, business models, and content products and services from around the world.

Media Contact

Contact Person: Koo Gyo-Seong
Email: [email protected]
Country: Korea
City : SEOUL
Website: https://www.clebus.com/


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