BITCONEY Token is a game reward token created for the Crytpo Bunny Game. Crypto Bunny is a free multiplayer mobile game that will be available on Android and IOS devices. Crypto Bunny recreates the Bitcoin mining experience through the game in an exciting and fun way. Players of the game are considered as miners of the Bitcoin Blockchain. Blocks are mined by the players to earn BITCONEY tokens by competing with each other. Just like Bitcoin mining, players can mine one block at a time to earn a share of the block’s reward. Properties of Bitcoin like its mining algorithm, difficulty increase, block reward halving exist in the game. Crypto Bunny game has in-app purchases where players can purchase special powers to mine faster, to attack other players and steal, or defend from attacks etc.,

That sounds cool doesn’t it? Rewards earned by the players can be converted to BitConey Tokens and withdrawn to their wallets. That’s right. You can earn crypto by playing the game. Also, there is neither an entry criteria to play the game nor any investment is required, unlike many other play to earn games. All or many play to earn crypto games require you to have a wallet and to have coins/tokens in the wallet for you to start playing the game. But BitConey is different. You don’t need to spend a penny to start playing the game and on top of that you earn BitConey tokens that you can trade on exchanges.

BITCONEY is currently trading on BitMart exchange.

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As the core concept for the game is Bitcoin mining, BitConey token has followed the same tokenomics as Bitcoin. The maximum fixed circulating supply of BitConey tokens is 21,000,000 out of which 1,125,000 tokens are in circulating supply (the founders say that Buntoshi Nakamoto mined those). Creative! The rest of the 19,875,000 tokens are currently locked on Pink Sale and would be released once the game is available for the public. Once the game is released, after each block is mined, the block reward equivalent BitConey tokens will be released from the contract owner’s wallet to a game wallet from which the players can withdraw their share of BitConey tokens. Just like Bitcoin, the block reward starts at 50 BitConey tokens.

Overall, the BitConey token project sounds really nice and really cool. They have their whitepaper and roadmap posted on their website. There are lot more details about BitConey and Crypto Bunny game on their website. It looks like the project is heading in the right direction and following the roadmap and delivering. You can visit the project’s website here , join their telegram and twitter here: .

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Looking at the circulating supply and maximum supply, the 5$ price it is trading at the time of this article, is the best price to get Bitconey token before it goes to the moon.