Super King Club (abbreviation: SKC),a completely decentralized community autonomous DAO organization, is also a metaverse club jointly created by the SK Metaverse Research Institute in South Korea and more than 40 artists. Relying on the powerful underlying Blockchain of Nirvana Chain, SKC will build the first swap (decentralized trading platform) on the NA public chain and lay out more ecology and application. SKC is seeking more opportunities and rights for all SKC founders, building a blue-chip project of the Metaverse, and creating a new generation of rights-based ecological business empire.

The vision of SKC is to create a metaverse club that travels through time and space, spanning multiple communities and multiple ecosystems, to create a kingdom full of peace, freedom and love. Each Super King is unique and procedurally generated with over 200 beautiful features, including expressions, skin tones, hairstyles, accessories, clothing, and etc. We selected the most beautiful 10,000 images out of 60,000,000 images, so for each Super King, we guarantee that this is the coolest and coolest trending avatar ever. Ownership includes creative rights and commercial rights. The Super King Club is not just a PFP project while Every Super King holder is the founder of the club. Our footprints will spread throughout the metaverse, and Super King Club contains 10,000 Genesis NFTs.

It is crazy and irregular of the chaos and order of the universe at first, peace and prosperity are the common hope of all races. During the time of endless war, all races prayed to the gods to express their desire for a peaceful and prosperous life. The gods were convinced and a group of people with a sense of justice and a sense of purpose came to earth, they are the Super King, and created the Super King Club.

The spiritual world and national consciousness of Super King is affecting the entire universe.

A war of “evil division” and “peaceful reunification” has begun.

Join the Super King Club and bring your Super King medal to ignite the goodness and fighting spirit in your heart.

It’s just beginning.


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