In a wide row of crypto exchanges, Binapex can be really noted for its safety and speeds of transactions. It is located in Seychelles and is built to provide its users with a reliable platform with which they can track and trade cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin and lots more. stands out from the row of other platforms as it introduces convenience, simplicity, and tight security to the crypto-space through its fiat currency, token, and cryptocurrency exchange platform.

To, a subsidiary of Binapex Ltd, total devotion to legal regulations and the advanced security of clients are non-negotiable. With transparency as its watchword, has become the best global platform where users can conduct trusted cryptocurrency trading.

Features of Binapex
Binapex has certain features that make it a perfect choice for investors. They include:

Bonus Package
New users who sign up on the Binapex platform are eligible for a welcoming bonus of $50, and to access it, the following promo code should be used (6bcc-b19e-c09b-3f1b).

Margin Trading
This is yet another perk of Binapex. With available leverage of up to x10, margin trading can be done on the Binapex platform with BTC and ETH.

Faster Transaction
Completing a transaction has never been this easy and fast. On the Binapex platform, users can complete their accounts top-up, conduct a profitable transaction on either margin or regular markets, make profits, and withdraw their earnings all within a few minutes.

Real-time Data
On, users have at their disposal trading data and charts that are in real-time.

Also known as Binapex crypto index 100, it’s the platform’s personal index created to objectively evaluate the crypto market’s overall short-term and long-term dynamics.

Binapex is a security-conscious ecosystem. Though it strives to provide a comfortable trading environment for its users, it will not be at the expense of their safety.

User Security. Binapex has adopted the second-factor authentication (2FA) for the security of its users. This is used together with login and password to ensure that anyone seeking access into the Binapex ecosystem has the right, and this is confirmed by entering a 5-digit pin code.
Crypto Wallets Security. To secure crypto wallets, Binapex makes use of a multi-level control funds deposit and withdrawal system, which needs the confirmation of more than one person for the transaction to be authenticated. All addresses on Binapex are multisigned, and offline vaults are used to store all crypto funds of Binapex.
Security of the System. The Binapex systems, hardware, and software, adopts a multi-server function, meaning that several authentication levels are needed before access can be granted to all its operations.
Security of the Trading System: The trading system of the Binapex platform has a multi-server architecture that undergoes regular auditing. This makes the Binapex trading system faster and more reliable.
Market Fees and Limits
Binapex provides free trading signals as well as cost-effective services. Users get to enjoy cheaper rate privileges when they attain certain trading volume.

Users can request a personal reduction of fees on one or more markets, and this only applies in the following cases:

when average monthly volume of non-marginal orders, without the use of leverage, in a separate market surpasses $100,000. Users with executed order volume exceeding $1,000,000 per month on average will enjoy a market fee of 0.0%.
when average monthly volume of marginal orders, with the use of leverage, in a separate market surpasses $2,000,000. Users with executed order volume exceeding $20,000,000 per month on average will enjoy a market fee of 0.0%.
The market fee is only applicable to executed orders and not canceled ones. Concerning token markets, the fee is charged using the base currency, which the token is traded against.


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