In the current payment market, in the case of offline, you have to sign contracts with a number of credit card companies and install card terminals. To this end, many VAN operators have emerged and developed.

And in the case of online, it is difficult to sign contracts with multiple credit card companies individually, so we proceed with payment using PG companies that have an integrated electronic payment system. VAN and PG have monopolized the payment market since the advent of credit cards.

It is true that the payment market has grown rapidly through VAN and PG, but as they monopolized the time point for a long time, problems such as the burden of fees, the risk of exposure to customer information, and restrictions on overseas use have not been resolved.

And although the NFT market and the metaverse market have grown rapidly, VAN and PG have not yet entered the two markets properly, so many people are having difficulty paying in those markets.

HugCoin introduces Payment Protocol 2.0 to create an ecosystem where VAN and PG companies can trade safely without having to intervene in payments, and even the NFT and Metabus markets can support payments to solve problems in the current payment market.

Hugcoin continues to expand its presence and expand its payment solution ecosystem as it enters into more diverse partnerships.

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