ARNO project has grown in leap and bounds since its inception, the project has incorporated best of a real world project with the crypto decentralized finance to offer investment opportunity to common people and help them gain on their investment as the company grows. The project has recently closed the successful first IEO receiving and overwhelming response from the investors. The company has also announced the second IEO with four exchanges that will go on for a week.

The non-renewable sources of energy are depleting at an alarming rate while the energy storage system especially batteries haven’t seen much of technical advancements over the last decade. This has led to significant loss of energy while storing and transporting affecting the already depleting production. ARNO has come up with a solution for the storage issues faced by current lead acid batteries with its years of research and development. ARNO has found the solution in the form of carbon nanotubes which when installed with current battery technology can improve its life.

ARNO offers two key solutions through its battery production facility and Crypto ecosystem, one is resolving the energy storage crisis through the use of nanotechnology and the other is to offer perfect investment opportunities through its Defi ecosystem. ARNO has established its name as the industry leader in production of carbon nanotubes and other carbon nanotechnology based products across Europe.

ARNO Begins Production Across Europe

ARNO has become an industry leader across Europe and Russia in products such as specialty carbons, carbon nanotubes, intercalated graphite, and graphene. The firm continues to innovate at labs and conduct the testing of real opportunities at a special plant, which integrates an expert team of engineers, scientists, and researchers with market intelligence and technology leadership to deliver solutions for tomorrow.

The ARNO project managed to interest with its technologies one of the largest in Europe and in the world manufacturers of lead-acid (and not only) batteries – the MONBAT group of companies to ensure that space is provided for the project’s laboratory and manufacturing base. A management company has been established in Bulgaria to supervise the implementation of the project within the EU. Carbon nanomaterial samples have been submitted for testing, and a battery model specially designed for the project will be produced shortly, and testing of working samples will begin in the factory according to agreed international standards. In addition, the provided samples will be sent to the laboratory for detailed inspection.

ARNO has also signed an agreement with the German Office for the Protection of Rights and Intellectual Property. The registration of the German trademark will provide much-needed intellectual property protection, enabling them to continue the mass production of their carbon nanotubes and integrate them with existing battery technology. They will also be responsible for future filing of patent applications and their registration and acceptance, trademarks, and intellectual property rights.

The project token is the main settlement tool of the economic part of the project. The entire economic system of the project involves the active use of the ARNO token. We will not use even the most popular cryptocurrencies such as BTC or ETH. Only ARNO will be used inside our project and everything connected with it.

The funds raised for ICO / IEO will be spent on the development of the project, purchase of the necessary equipment, invested in testing and development. The amount required for listings on exchanges will also be allocated. The ARNO Token project has started and continues the procedure for carrying out the IEO, which is primarily due to the collection exceeding the most optimistic forecasts during both pre-sale phases. ARNO project is preparing to distribute a little less than 900,000 ARNO tokens to investors’ wallets. Some of these are bonus and referral accruals, the Airdrop program and Bounty, but, nevertheless, the amount before IEO is more than 800,000 USD.

What Makes ARNO Investment Worthy?

ARNO tokens biggest plus point is its live production facility that offers a solid value to the limited supply of its tokens. Defi has emerged as one of the biggest successful use case from the crypto universe and every other day there is a new Defi project launch which rises on the hype but doesn’t last long due to lack of vision and use case. ARNO on the other hand is legit secondary energy solution provider company that has its own patented products and trademarks.

The firm will also launch several other products as the move forward while the immediate task after the IEO would be listing on a number of crypto exchanges that would allow holders of ARNO token to trade their investment. The project will also lock a certain number of tokens for the team to ensure the safety and that it cannot be pumped and dumped. The project offers legit value with an investment that not only helps the investors but also the solution that would help conserve energy and make renewable energy more storable.

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