Recently, the X10 Legends, a chain tour with the theme of Chinese martial arts promoted by Taiwan Ann Binance, a world-renowned digital asset trading platform, has caused an uproar in the industry and become a hot topic constantly discussed by encryption circles, investment circles and even major official media.

In 2021, the hot phenomenon of meta-universe GameFi has greatly increased the game category to the first place and occupied nearly 13% of all investment projects. By the end of the year, almost 1.4 million UAWs (unique active wallets) have interacted with the game Dapp every day, which account for 49% of the total usage of the industry.

The trending of GameFi has changed the struggle between ecological public chains from competing with each other to a triangular struggle: Ethereum-Coin’an Chain-Boca. The main reason why Coin Security Chain can stand out among them is that Coin Security Chain itself has strong financial strength, and some projects invested by Coin Security have developed well, and it has certain strength to face Ethereum directly. Since its launch, many high-quality projects have been launched one after another, and many project tokens have won the reputation of users with their steadily rising high returns.

X10 Legends is a game based on the intelligent chain of coins and security. It is an NFT card TCG game with martial arts stories as the background. It applies the most popular NFT concept at present, and perfectly integrates the benefits of games and DeFi, so that players can get rich chain benefits while playing and entertaining. At the same time, X10 Legends cooperated with Hong Zhongxuan, a world-renowned designer, the world’s tallest building and designer of Burj Khalifa (Burj Khalifa), and X10 Legends invested 10 million US dollars to take the IP. In the future, Mr. Hong Zhongxuan will personally design cards for X10 Legends. This incident caused an uproar among many people in encryption circle, investment circle, design field, etc., and received close attention from Bi’an, providing a more competitive NFT ecosystem for players who want to collect and trade NFT.

X10Legends’ games and NFT cards are deployed on BSC chain, creating a brand-new game mode, which has been optimized and upgraded on the basis of the original game version. The brand-new battle version has more diversified gameplay, territory competition, multi-player combination and no locking skill to trigger the battle mode, which greatly increases the high playability of the game. At the same time, the launch of the new version also introduced a variety of welfare gifts and increased the high returns in the early stage, which unified the continuous optimization of rivers and lakes, firmly adhered the playability and profit-making effect of chain games to users, and avoided the phenomenon of group flight.

It is reported that major guilds around the world such as Wormhole, KPG, KGC, and Lang Xiao, have launched account acquisition plans. For example, Wormhole will invest 10 million to acquire all the level 45 accounts that didn’t join any clans  within X10 Legends in 2 weeks time after the launch.


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