Metaverse platform Next Earth, which has been described as a blockchain-based “virtual world,” is launching a pre-sale for its initial round of early adopters.

Next Earth is a platform for the creation of a completely decentralized virtual world that can be experienced with others, and it has been praised for being one of the first virtual world platforms to fully embrace the idea of decentralized autonomy and self-sustaining ecosystems.

With the launch of a pre-sale on July 22nd, Next Earth will be opening to users who want to be the first to cultivate land in this virtual world. Individuals or groups who purchase land on the platform will eventually be able to build anything that they want on that virtual territory, while contributing to environmental charities in the process.

In addition, they’ll also be given the opportunity to stake Next Earth tokens in order to earn rewards, and even vote on decisions related to community-driven governance.

“We’re excited to share this new frontier with those who are eager to explore and experiment with the limitless possibilities of decentralized ownership,” said Gábor Rétfalvi, CEO at Next Earth. “The opportunity for individuals to shape their own environment is a powerful tool for creativity; we hope these early adopters will take advantage of that.”

Those who join early on will be able to become formative members of Next Earth. The community’s success will ultimately be measured by the success of land distribution.

“What we’re really looking for is people who see themselves as digital natives,” said Rétfalvi. “We’re looking for people who are really going to see this as an opportunity.”

Gearing Up For a Public Launch

On July 22nd, 2021, early adopters can acquire “land packs” with an early bird discount. The second milestone, on August 12th, lets early adopters buy land directly from a virtual map of the world.

On August 19th, the public market opens up, which allows anyone, anywhere to trade virtual land in a decentralized marketplace.

“It’s a digital version of a land rush,” said Rétfalvi.

Virtual real estate is digital land that has been designed to be accessible through the blockchain. In the future, virtual real estate is expected to become an extension of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies.

Next Earth is a virtual land platform for real users to create and use digital assets and goods. It’s more than just a game: it’s a social experiment on how virtual spaces can be managed and governed, and it’s an environmental project.

Rétfalvi plans to take Next Earth “to the next level” by establishing a decentralized world.

“The idea is that we create an environment where people can actually create their own economy or any type of resource they want. We’re essentially trying to create heaven on (virtual) earth.”

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Company Name: Next Earth
Contact Person: Gabor Retfalvi
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +36206655585
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