The Nha Trang travel platform, NHA Trang TRAVEL COIN (NTC), will be officially listed on Dexorca, the global hybrid dex exchange market.

Singapore-based NTC is a coin used in a travel platform optimized for various leisure such as resorts, hotels, casinos, golf and yachts, in Nha Trang, which is Vietnam’s best vacation spot known as the Hawaii in Asia.

The flagship product of the Nha Trang Travel Platform includes a package of CAM RANH RIVIERA resort, a five-star Premiere Resort. This resort is famous for its optimal location near the airport and a 42700 square feet casino. Also, users can access anywhere including the water sports center, oasis spa, fitness center, themed restaurant & bar, and etc.

An NTC official said, “Based on the strategic partnership with CAMRANH RIVIERA Resort, we plan to increase the range of use strating with the first user group package tour in April 2022 and to expand the NTC ecosystem throughout Nha Trang through the partnership with Crystal Bay, Vietnam’s national landmark business.”

The NTC Foundation plans to attract various users while revitalize the travel market which has been stagnant due to Covid-19 by establishing its own global travel platform such as Agoda and Expedia and plan and distribute NFT travel products, resort memberships, and sales rights for the first time in related industries.

Meanwhile, NTC is scheduled to be listed on March 18, 2022. In listing in Dexorca, a Dubai-based hybrid dex exchange market, the official stated that including global expansion of the NTC, while looking for a safe dex exchange that protects the assest of important users and reflects the needs of various foundations Dexorca was met every qualifications. Also it was the only one eligible for NTC listing and corporate marketing at the same time.

In the meantime, many travel coins have been listed and used, but it has been difficult to find a travel payment platform that can be used freely in a specific region such as NTC. This is why people are paying attention to TravelCoin NTC’s future move.


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