Ever since LocalBitcoins confirmed it would not support cash transactions any longer, cryptocurrency users have begun looking for viable alternatives. There are quite a few of those to take note of, albeit LocalBitcoins is clearly the market leader in many different ways. Even so, the following platforms now have a golden opportunity waiting to be capitalized on.

LocalCoinSwap Goes Beyond Bitcoin

A little while ago, we compared LocalBitcoins to LocalCoinSwap. Although there are some interesting correlations between both platforms, it is evident LocalBitcoins is focused on Bitcoin only. LocalCoinSwap, on the other hand, tends to focus on several dozen cryptocurrencies, tokens, and assets. Some of its other popular offerings include XRP, Ethereum, Dai, and Monero. Users can obtain all of these currencies through one convenient P2P trading platform, which is one of the reasons why this project has become rather successful.

Perhaps the biggest selling point of LocalCoinSwap is how it has an optional KYC procedure. That may seem rather unusual, as one either goes through KYC or they skip it altogether. Giving users the option is a smart decision on the project’s behalf, as P2P trading should not be about going through verification procedures. There is a 1% fee for every trade created, but this can be offset by actively using the built-in referral program. Moreover, this platform is community-run, which is perhaps the only sustainable business model for services like these.

PayFair Supports Several Dozen Fiat Pairs

When providing P2P trading access to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, supporting multiple fiat currencies needs to be one of the top priorities. PayFair checks the right boxes in this regard, a sit continues to roll out support for additional currencies. That in itself is a rather interesting approach, especially for a Russian company. That in itself is also a boon, as the Russian team seems unlikely to require KYC verification in the near future.

Most people might recall PayFair from the ICO they conducted in 2017. It was one of the smaller initial coin offerings, as the team didn’t even try to raise a million bucks. Ever since, the project has seemingly come a long way, and is gaining some traction among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Now that the platform is working as intended, and the Telegram bot is up and running, an interesting future lies ahead.

BitQuick has the Age Advantage

When it comes to finding some of the older P2P Bitcoin trading platforms, BitQuick should be on everyone’s list. More specifically, the platform was known previously as BuyBitcoin.us, and is still going strong in 2019. It is a US-only solution, which can be of great value to American traders. The 2% selling fee might seem steep, but it is the price to pay for proper escrowed P2P Bitcoin trading in the US.


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