Blockchain and cryptocurrencies replacing traditional finance are not far away. Being a developer, researcher, or business owner, getting started with cryptocurrency is tedious. Letting your feet wet with cryptocurrency without a proper strategy or analysis might put an end to your crypto journey at the very beginning. This is where the analysis of crypto and blockchain data plays a significant role. Blockpulsar offers you real-time crypto data to assist in transactions or to develop a crypto trading bot, for example. Blockpulsar’s API helps the developers make crypto payment systems with accurate data being fetched, benefiting them in the long run.

Blockpulsar is the platform you are looking for that offers various insights, enormous amounts of data for enhanced decision making, and deep market analytics to know every possible detail about the blockchain space.

Problems in fetching the Blockchain data

Top blockchain protocols in the market have a variety of data structures, integrating which requires the allocation of development resources for individual developers. In some cases, accessing the real-time blockchain data requires setting up a full node server, which escalates the cost of fetching data. Though you set up the node server, there is certain data that cannot be fetched from the node like fee data based on mempool, internal transactions of the blockchain, and balances of addresses. Setting up a server requires additional time for syncing the data and of course manpower.

Blockpulsar — The Revolution in Blockchain data

To access real-time blockchain data, you don’t need to set up a full node server anymore! You heard us right. Blockpulsar offers ready to use API for sourcing blockchain data to enhance your business or research. Blockpulsar becomes the scalable solution to access real-time blockchain data without any latency. Blockpulsar’s API endpoints are built to handle millions of requests with a response under 100ms. Getting the blockchain statistics, block information, and transaction details for the Bitcoin blockchain is easier than you think. Most of Blockpulsar’s endpoints are free with the API key, given that they require attribution and a link back to Blockpulsar’s site.

Blockpulsar — Mission and Vision

Blockpulsar welcomes change and always goes in search of innovative ideas that will change the lives of people. Blockpulsar aims to re-conceptualize the issues to discover solutions to blockchain data problems and minimize the complexity associated with fetching real-time data. Blockpulsar puts its mission and customers before anything to deliver the best to the community.

The penultimate aim of Blockpulsar is to make one of the most reliable APIs for the community. With the help of Blockpulsar, our users can create an Individual API Client that matches their application needs. They can also request specific blockchain aggregated data based on their business needs. We also provide real-time data access to our users so that they can also analyze with us. Finally, we benefit our community to build scalable applications using our API.

Key Features of Blockpulsar

1) Real-time Mempool access

Users will never miss a transaction when it becomes publicly available. Mempool data plays a significant role as tens of thousands of transactions are fighting to be mined in the successive blocks.

2) Multi-regional network

Users can access Blockchain data with low latency. Blockpulsar’s API endpoints are built to handle millions of requests with a response under 100ms.

3) Monitor Entire Blockchain

Users can access Blockchain data at any point. Get access to every unified and raw blockchain data including but not limited to token transfers, blocks, and balances. Blockpulsar’s API syncs the whole data starting from the genesis block to a perfectly indexed database.

4) Up to date system

We keep blockchain access up to date. As a business, you can create custom user experiences to distribute updated blockchain information to new audiences by creating an application layer with the help of Blockpulsar’s API.

5) Multiple chains

Users can access multiple blockchain networks at any time. Blockpulsar offers unified blockchain data, i.e. the request and the response for fetching data is the same as the blockchain. The users need not exert any additional effort to fetch data from different blockchains.

Why Blockpulsar?

1) Backtesting the strategies

Blockpulsar allows the community members to follow the best in class trading or investing strategies by offering the best possible crypto data to run simulations and backtest their strategies.

2) Deliver the right data

If you are a business that offers crypto services or a developer, offer the most accurate data to your customers with Blockpulsar. Blockpulsar offers the updated data on the market for your wallet or portfolio management tool or crypto dashboard.

3) Stand out from the crowd

The market is full of competition especially when it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain. With deep insight into the blockchain data, you can make the right decisions to head on compete with your fellow competitors.

4) Insightful decisions

Blockpulsar’s powerful and flexible API allows you to build your own models with the data provided. You can draw insights and make meaningful conclusions with Blockpulsar’s genuine set of data.

5) Easy to integrate

Blockpular’s API is simple and it supports all use cases. You need not be a geek or nerd to integrate the API, as our SDK libraries and clean documentation will make integration easy. This guarantees the integrated user experience by ensuring more fluid information delivery to the end-users. Also, the data can be made available to every user at the organization level.

Blockpulsar — A closing thought

Blockpulsar aims to create an API solution to source Blockchain data and utility functions for all major Cryptocurrencies and public blockchain-based solutions. Our free API comes with rate limitations only, which is suitable for small to medium projects. What’s stopping you from becoming a part of Blockpulsar’s ever-growing community. Get your API Client Now!


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