Tachyon Protocol is using blockchain technology to revolutionize the Internet as we know today. The vision is set to create a “New Internet” protocol, which would be significantly faster, safer and more reliable as compared to the current TCP/IP-based Internet.

The project brings to fruition years of research in the fields of online security and privacy protection. Tachyon’s first offering is a decentralized VPN application, whose alpha version will be released by the end of 2019. This will be accompanied by the listing of Tachyon network’s native token IPX in exchanges worldwide.

Since 2016, Tachyon has been researching with V SYSTEMS (a blockchain infrastructure project focused on database and cloud services) on how blockchain technology can be used to improve the speed, privacy and reliability of the Internet. As part of this collaboration, Tachyon Protocol has become the first DApp on V SYSTEMS’ platform. The partnership brings to their table the technical acumen of V SYSTEMS’ Chief Architect Sunny King (the creator of Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm), Alex Yang (a FinTech entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience), and ‘Peerchemist’ (project leader of Peercoin), among others. Tachyon is also supported by X-VPN, a world-class VPN service provider used by over 50 million users worldwide.

TCP/IP has been the backbone Internet for over 40 years now. It is basically a set of communication protocols that dictate how devices communicate with each other over the Internet. Unfortunately, the increased performance demand by Web3.0 applications and superior hacking techniques available in the market have started bringing TCP/IP’s vulnerabilities out to the fore now. For example, HTTP, the de-facto standard for transferring data over the Internet, is unencrypted and can be easily hacked. Moreover, IP addresses are often linked to physical addresses, providing hackers with an opportunity to identify individuals and utilize modern social engineering tools to commit fraud. And the list doesn’t end here. Simply put, the current Internet standard isn’t competent enough to support Web3.0.

The solution from Tachyon Protocol team is to restructure the protocol stack with a focus on democracy, privacy, security and speed as the core requirements.

Tachyon uses mature distributed technologies like PPPoIP, DHT and UDP, in conjunction with advanced encryption technologies like ECDHE-ECDSA asymmetric encryption and protocol simulation. Their new architecture enables Tachyon Protocol to increase the connection success rate to over 90% in complex networks, and achieve transfer speeds 2x-10x faster than TCP/IP, while simultaneously maintaining a high degree of privacy and security. If these can be proven in a wide range, this will be the “New Internet” available to everyone.

Tachyon will also release a SDK (Software Development Kit), which blockchain networks can integrate with their technological stack and ease their transition to Tachyon’s internet protocol. Any main-chain, side-chain, DApp or even traditional Internet project can use this SDK. Apart from the ability to connect a massive number of nodes reliably, the SDK would be a major differentiator as they expand into different industries, such as VPN, DeFi, IoT, DNS, CDN and so on. The overall market size is expected to reach $50 billion in the next three years.

Given the expertise of the teams behind Tachyon, the first use case will be a decentralized VPN. Centralized VPN services available today are plagued by a host of issues, such as logging of user data, monetization of browsing data by the VPN service itself without the user’s knowledge, inadvertent VPN leaks, and so on. Even NordVPN, one of the biggest names in the business, recently admitted that they had suffered a data breach in 2018.

Over 50 million global users from X-VPN will greatly help to expand the network, and quickly verify and adjust the technical concept. With 900 million users today, the global VPN industry is expected to reach $35.7 billion in 2022. The more advanced security and privacy features with greatly improved transmission speed and efficiency will make Tachyon Protocol poised to play a significant role in the VPN industry.

While other blockchain projects have been known to disrupt their respective industries, Tachyon is completely revamping the Internet itself. The vision of providing a fast, stable, secure, decentralized and scalable Internet protocol is ably supported by sound technical expertise spanning over multiple technologies and years of research in the respective fields. As the internet gradually migrates from Web2.0 to Web3.0, Tachyon Protocol looks well on its way to become one of the dominant players of the decentralized future.


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