The expansion of the blockchain space seemed inevitable a few years ago, but the exponential growth, both in terms of community size and valuation, has taken many by surprise. And one of the domains that have been the most significant contributor is NFTs. The idea of virtual art appealed to millions across the globe, and the world witnessed the exponential rise of NFTs. But some collections made more noise than others, and the Rasta Beach Club, the newest entrant in the space, is getting attention for all the right reasons. 

The Rasta Beach Club NFT collection, developed on the Ethereum blockchain, consists of some of the coolest NFTs created to date. The collection, which intends to celebrate diversity, pluralism, and multiculturalism, takes a cue from Rastafarianism, a religious, social, and political movement that finds its roots in Jamaica in the year 1930.  

The collection combines 140 individual traits to generate NFTs unique in every sense. A quick glance at the collection and the community is bound to fall in love with the NFTs. And the best part, the developers have kept the minting free to ensure maximum participation and allow users worldwide to become a part of the community that intends to transform the blockchain space for good.

The team will also develop a Rasta Beach Club Digital Art Gallery App for NFT holders to showcase their collection and add details they plan to share with others. The gallery wouldn’t be limited to the community members but would be accessible to all. Anyone can browse through the collection and view the details of the NFT holder.

Also, those behind the Rasta Beach Club NFT Collection plan to develop an ecosystem around it, starting with a Metaverse with exciting events and a native token. The former consists of the Rasta Beach Club Meta, a place exclusive to NFT holders where music performances, particularly the Reggae genre, will be organized. Besides, the native token is also under consideration and should be released soon. All the market factors are being analyzed, the risks identified, and a proper framework is being put into place to ensure the success of the Rasta Bucks tokens. NFT holders would be the first to receive airdrops.

The Rasta Beach Club NFT Collection is all set to become one of the largest, most promising, and highly profitable projects in the space. And given the fact that it follows a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) governance model, it will be the community member, NFT holders to be precise, who will vote on critical decisions and decide the course of the project.

For those who haven’t yet, make sure to check out the most creative and promising collection everyone is talking about!

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