Cryptocurrencies is now a $2 trillion industry peaking at the threshold point of mainstream adoption. From being touted as a speculative asset and an internet bubble to becoming the choice of Wall Street investors as a portfolio diversifier, crypto has grown into an alternative investment asset class. However, it is still far from being mainstream despite an aggressive rate of adoption. This is where QoinIQ promises to help and expand the crypto trading to masses through its multi-exchange integrated platform. QoinIQ created a powerful negotiation platform for cryptocurrencies to allow all financial actors to take advantage of all opportunities that the new crypto economy has to offer.

QoinIQ is the company that launches the token events in Switzerland and Korea, to primarily fund further development of the crypto trading platform QoinSuit, followed by the other elements of the ecosystem, Qoinnect and QoinX.

QoinSuit: A revolutionary decentralized multi-exchange order management system

Qoinsuit is a platform developed by traders for traders as the developers behind the network boasts of a combined financial experience of 100 years. The platform offers an unparalleled suite of trading services for all financial actors by bringing together the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges and making them accessible in a single global trading tool.

The global approach allows the highest level of execution and efficiency, with a decentralized order management system. QoinSuit offers a range of features within the platform that include,

  • Decentralized order management: The order management resides within our secure servers. You’ll be allowed to operate completely autonomously by managing orders different from those offered by any exchange, setting new standards of excellence in security and IT.
  • Multi-exchange capability: Decide which set of data is to be displayed and which vehicles are to be negotiated; take advantage of mispricing in the same crypto among exchanges. Control of managing orders on spot crypto currencies, futures, option series simultaneously, will be available at your fingertips.
  • High-frequency trading: Within our trading platform QoinSuit, we will introduce a scalper book, the tool designed for investors and traders with high operational capacity levels. We aim to develop APIs that support easy interfacing with third-party programs, facilitating high-frequency trading.
  • Trading on margin: Your strategy calls for a short sale? Within QoinSuit you’ll be able to engage in margin trading and manage short-selling activity, if your exchange of choice supports it.
  • Real-time price comparison: Selecting the best moment to place a trade order makes all the difference. Our market scan analyzes and monitors trends and compares prices for any given cryptocurrency in real-time and helps you trade where prices are more attractive or even exploit arbitrage opportunities between exchanges.

QoinSuit offers a comprehensive way for trading with multiple functionalities all at the command of the user’s fingertips, this would not only enable traders to trade better but also offer a range of data and functionalities for them to look into and improve profitability of their respective trades.

QoinIQ Ecosystem Beyond QoinSuit

The QoinSuit platform would enhance user’s trading experience but the QoinIQ ecosystem  goes way beyond the trading platform and also offers another key functionality in the form of Qoinnect. Qoinnect is a space for connectivity where users will be able to interact, exchange opinions and share their knowledge with each other and with the community.

The QoinIQ ecosystem would also work towards Marketing and client acquisition activities, mostly via integration of current digital & social media platforms that are segregated by targeting the two major client segments.

Institutional clients:

  1. Cryptocurrency exchanges
  2. Online trading platforms (e.g. Saxo-Bank, Swissquote, etc.)
  3. Banks, family offices, asset managers (domestic and international, also via our network)
  4. File Hosting/server providers (cooperation would target use of secure server facilities)
  5. Market data providers
  6. Universities with finance faculties

For individual user the platform would work towards, 

  1. Word of mouth through personal networks in the financial industry (domestic/international)
  2. Web communities (crypto-related, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  3. Dedicated marketing activities (web-based on relevant sites/mass media, etc.)

QoinIQ Tokenomics:

QoinIQ ecosystem would be run via its native utility token that will be available to the users as the means to access QoinSuit and its services, by pre-purchasing them through the Token Generating Event (TGE).

During the TGE period, a total of 100 million QoinIQ tokens with a nominal value of CHF 0.25 will be minted. After the TGE, the tokens will be listed at one or more exchanges. The maximum supply of tokens sold during the TGE is set to a corresponding countervalue of CHF 15 million. Depending on the development of QoinSuit, a portion of tokens up to 5% of the free float may be burned. This will be announced a week before the burning event.

The QoinIQ utility tokens will be used to access and use the services within QoinSuit and the tokens that have been used by the users will be kept in one or more wallets. Also, it can be Converted into fiat as well. QoinIQ intends to allocate the issued tokens, as follows:

  • 60% will be sold via a token generating event
  • 40% will remain with QoinIQ for further developments of QoinSuit.

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