Paean coin (PAE), a real-life token that can be used in various distribution, shopping malls, real estate, travel and leisure activities, as well as functions as digital liquidation securities invested in bio, renewable energy, and new materials business, will be officially listed on the global virtual asset exchange.

PAEAN is the name of the healing god in Greek mythology, and the PAEAN project invests in biotechnology and eco-friendly projects that can heal the earth and mankind, and provides users with a sculpture stake. In particular, online and offline pay platforms based on Paean Coin are equipped with online shopping malls and P2P loans as well as exchange system through market application, supporting the real-life coin ecosystem in name and reality.

A PAEAN official said, “The listing of LBANK on the global exchange will make it a luxury coin that can be used anywhere in the world and will hold an online conference (AMA) for global users in March to mark the listing.”

Meanwhile, an official said, “In order to expand PAEAN’s global listing, LBANK, which is fast growing among the top 20 CoinMarketCap exchanges, well reflects the needs of the foundation, and is trusted by users with low fees and safety, is eligible for PAE listing.”

Many real-life coins have been listed and used so far, but there are no projects like PAEAN that have a good influence on the investment platform for the real economy coins that can be used in various fields across the country. This is what draws attention to PAEAN’s future course.

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