As digital content continues to develop rapidly, the algorithms of digital platforms are changing from time to time. This digital algorithm uses users’ data as a source.

Each digital content is collecting data and information from users to develop a more sophisticated and better algorithm, but users are not being compensated for their data value. Rather, more data is being exploited by digital platform algorithms.

Facebook, which changed its name to Meta, has been summoned to the hearing due to abuse of this algorithm and is socially sensitive to algorithms. This is because the algorithm of SNS exerts a lot of influence on us.

OPP, which aims to become the next generation of digital content platforms, seeks to solve these problems with governance and decentralized algorithms.

First, OPP designs the platform as a decentralized network rather than a centralized network to build a user-centered digital content infrastructure. Smart contracts and NFTs through decentralized networks are used to ensure the rights and interests of each user and content creators.

In order for digital content, which is the core of the platform, to be correctly distributed and create a virtuous cycle structure, the first thing to do is to protect and support creators who produce digital content. To that end, OPP provides content ownership protection and rewards through content.

In addition, consumers who consume content can sponsor content creators and want to compensate appropriately according to the added value generated by consuming content on the platform.

OPP is currently collaborating with various content creators and studios and is preparing to launch a beta version. If you are curious about more OPP news, please refer to the URL below.


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