Big data based on platform users’ information has become a fuel for the digital industry. The digital industry is showing unprecedented rapid growth without space constraints. New digital platforms are emerging day by day, and various digital creators are emerging through this.

Representative digital platforms Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube boast an overwhelming number of users, and as a result, their market capitalization is also enormous. Facebook and YouTube surpassed 2.4 billion users in 2020. As such, the digital content platform market is growing very rapidly.

However, there are not necessarily only positive aspects of the digital content industry. Recently, various problems related to digital content have occurred. One of the most representative of them is the ownership and copyright of content.

Digital content can be easily reproduced and altered by users. For this reason, anyone can replicate the creator’s content and sometimes claim ownership. This problem has been a constant problem since the digital revolution broke out, and our Open Proprietary Protocol [OPP] project seeks to solve this problem effectively through NFT.

Proper utilization of NFT.

Recently, NFT has been in the spotlight in the digital industry. Introducing NFT on any platform is showing the effect of rising stock prices and increasing investors. Participants in the NFT market often increase value and generate profits by making various digital contents into NFT.

However, the essence of the digital content platform is not the NFT itself, but to protect the ownership of digital content by content creators. It is also good to create new digital content value through NFT, but above all, NFT should be a means of proving ownership of digital content.

Synergy between the community and the digital platform.

In the future, digital content platforms should be able to prove ownership of digital content at the same time as providing high-quality digital content. Once digital content ownership is established, digital crime can be prevented and new innovations can occur in various categories.

OPP aims to form a community that will be the basis of the digital content platform and develop a platform that can engage in creative activities and economic activities within the network created based on this community.

The OPP platform has an integrity security system and efficiency through NFT and blockchain networks. Through this, users’ ownership of digital content can be proven and protected fundamentally. It is also spurring to become an innovative digital content by converging various utility resources.

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