Multi Multi – XXX to earn – the new trend for Metaverse – BLOCKCHAIN TINDER – 1 st app running on ETH 2.0

Multimulti 1st NFT Dating App after the ETH Merge

NFT Card will give you access to XXX metaverse, where you can find the lovers in your area. $XXXN generated from cards gives you access to scan larger area in XXXN metaverse ( which is also known as map ), the hidden rare cards could be found, very limited. Super VIP CARD give you the jump around the globe. However, $XXXN is also got burnt from the adventure in the 3D VR environment, which create the race to own more, pushing the demand and the price of $XXXN


Multi Multi are a utility focused NFT collection of 12 types of XXXN idol tabs which give you 12 types of Map on the ETH 2.0 blockchain, playable as the adventure to Metaverse.

There will be a limited number of races, each with a different rarity, which a citizen can assign to its avatar (human, martian, zombie). With different races, the chance to breed new rare NFT Card is higher due to your popularity.

How will $XXXN Token be implemented into the Multi system?

$XXXN is the official token of the Multi verse, set to offer further discovers for lovers in Multi Multi. Also,find more hidden precious rare tabs – Enough $XXXN can open the chance for you to enroll VR XXXN experience and become XXXN idols in our community

❣️Dating metaverse

Multi verse of $XXX gives you the experience beyond all,help you to meditate, explore the insights of things, create the real virtual metaverse.

🪙 Partner: H2 Capital | Unreal Engine | Bello LTD

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